Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: The Symphony Upon the Ship

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 8 titled ‘The Symphony Upon the Ship/Sis’ Herbal Tea’ the Thorn Princess informs the Gretcher family that she will be escorting them to a boat so that they can escape the ship. However, Yor knows that the assassins are waiting for them at every turn. One of them eventually manages to recognize the Gretcher family and they start following them. When Yor is guiding the Gretchers toward the boat, they are nearly shot dead by a sniper. As soon as they are in an isolated part of the cruise ship, they are surrounded by assassins from all directions. The situation seems hopeless as Yor immediately realizes that there is no escape and every single enemy is strong. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yor and the Gretchers Get Ambushed By Assassins

When it’s finally the day for the Gretcher family to be escorted to the boat so that they can escape the Cruise ship, Yor is with them. She is concerned for their safety since the assassins are agitated and are actively looking for them. Meanwhile, Loid takes Anya to see the fireworks as she is really excited about it. The Thorn Princess keeps a close eye on every person she sees around them and realizes quite quickly that most of them look suspicious. Meanwhile, one of the killers spots the four of them walking together and manages to figure out that they are the targets.

From that moment on, Yor and the Gretchers became a marked target for all the assassins as they were constantly in contact with each other. Matthew is nowhere to be found in this phase of the operation and it seems that Yor has to accomplish the mission on her own. When the Gretchers and Thorn Princess arrive at the deck, they are startled by the fireworks. They quickly try to find their way to the boat not realizing that they have been spotted by a sniper. Just when he goes for the kill, Yor senses his presence and barely escapes the trajectory of the bullet.

At this point, the Thorn Princess knows that they need to escape as soon as possible as they could potentially be shot dead any moment. To make matters worse, when she tries to find a way to escape the place, she realizes that she and her clients have been surrounded by assassins from all directions. There is no escape and all of them seem really strong. It goes without saying that Yor appears to be fighting a losing battle at this point but suddenly the tables turn.

Yor Recalls Her Purpose

Someone starts shooting the assassins that have surrounded Yor and her clients. It turns out that Matthew has taken out the sniper and is now using his gun to assassinate his friends. One by one, the killers go down, allowing the Thorn Princess to have some room to think. When she is attacked, she manages to defend herself and the Gretchers. But since the killers, there are too many, Olka and her son barely escape getting shot. Zeb saves them by literally becoming a human shield.

Luckily, he is wearing a bulletproof vest at the time, which saves his life. As he manages to flee with the Gretchers, Yor is left behind to fight the assassins while Matthew has her back. The assassins come one after another and the Thorn Princess easily defeats them. This continues until the last three killers are left, who seem to be the most dangerous. They make it very clear that they are much stronger than their peers by knocking out Matthew. Yor is challenged relentlessly by a man with a sword and she barely escapes getting chopped on multiple occasions.

For the first time, it seems that Yor has no answers and she will be killed. When she is cornered, one of the assassins tells her that she is no different from them as she also fights for money. Initially, Yor agrees with him but eventually realizes that her purpose has always been fundamentally different. She has become a killer to make sure that her brother’s innocence is protected. Now she wants to do the same for Loid and Anya. All of a sudden, she has her will to fight ignited again and starts defending herself.

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