Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Who Is This Mission For?

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 7 titled ‘Who Is This Mission For?’ Yor and Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby get surrounded by people as they are fighting. Anya cheers for them making it seem as though the entire thing is just for show, giving Yor the cover she needs. The Thorn Princess does an admirable job of fighting the assassin and manages to restrain her enemy. The Director lays out an intricate plan to ensure that the Gretcher family remains safe with them. Meanwhile, the assassins have started to become desperate and are constantly on the lookout for their target making Matthew and Yor’s job far more complicated. Anya is determined to continue helping her mother but is unsure how to distract Loid so that she can look for her.

Yor And Matthew Keep the Gretchers Safe

When Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby comes face to face with Yor, the latter suddenly fears for her life. Generally, the Thorn Princess is very swift on her feet and confident when she is fighting but she feels that there is something different about this confrontation. Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby is really good with his weapon and uses it smartly for long-range attacks, leaving no room for his competitor to close the distance and hurt him. Around this time, Loid is already in the changing room, so he cannot potentially spot Yor fighting and discover her uncomfortable truth. Now that Anya has ensured that, she comes to see the fight as well.

Anya can read her mother’s thoughts and realizes that she is worried about the people who are gathering there to see the battle between the two. In such a situation, it won’t take long for the security to arrive causing more problems for the Thorn Princess. But before the people can report anything, Anya starts cheering and makes it seem as if the entire thing is just an act, which should not be taken seriously. When Yor notices Anya, she is quite shocked, but she is also happy that her daughter has saved her by confusing others.

But Yor’s job is still not done since she has to defeat Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby and safely escort the Gretchers to their room. Now that there are other people there, she must make sure that there is no blood loss otherwise the audience gathered there will get suspicious. Although she has been hesitant to make a move until now, she gathers all her courage to attack Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby exactly when he is distracted just for a second. She closes the distance and ties him up using his own weapon. Restraining the assassin, Yor bows down in front of the people there, continuing to act as if all of this was just for the visitor’s entertainment.

Later that night, Yor meets the Director in the room where Gretchers are hiding. They’ll rendezvous with other ships after tomorrow night. Unfortunately for them, this information has already been leaked to the assassins, who have already planned a strategy. The Director keeps an eye on the entire floor that night, while Yor takes guard in the room while the Gretchers sleep peacefully. When she is alone, the Thorn Princess about her fight with Sickle-and-Chain Burnaby and realizes that she is hesitant because she fears getting heavily injured. If that were to happen, she would no longer be able to live with Anya and Loid, which for some reason really bothers Yor now.

Anya Plans to Help Her Mother

After helping Yor, Anya is quite delighted to continue supporting her mother in every possible way. But there is one big problem, she has to make sure that Loid is busy so that she can choose the right opportunity to sneak out and find her mother. Meanwhile, Loid is still confused by the parenting challenges and desperately wants to be better. So when they leave their room that morning, Anya plans to distract her father so that she can find Yor. She eventually asks Loid to play golf, hoping that he will get so preoccupied with it that he will lose sight of her. But in a hilarious turn of events, Loid barely takes a few minutes to accurately put the ball.

When it’s Anya’s turn she struggles to even remotely emulate her father’s performance and gets obsessed with the game to the point that she forgets about helping her mother. When she is later having lunch, she realizes that she made a mistake and needs to distract her father soon. Anya also confesses to Loid how she misses Yor. She then tries a number of tricks to distract her father, but nothing really works. Eventually that evening, Loid informs Anya that she may be able to see her mother during the fireworks events. Anya is excited. Meanwhile, Yor and Matthew plan a safe escape for the Gretcher family.

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