Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 6 titled ‘The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship,’ the assassins finally decide to go after the Gretcher family. Matthew McMahon notices one of the killers following them and manages to eliminate him. But he comes to the conclusion that they will be attacked on all fronts soon as the information about the Gretcher family has already been leaked to other assassins on Princess Lorelei. Before he could manage to warn Yor, a killer disguised as a housekeeping staff attacks her and Olka. They barely manage to escape unharmed but this is just the beginning of a long list of relentless attacks.

Assassins Attack Gretcher Family and Yor

On the Princess Lorelei cruise ship, Yor sits with her fellow colleagues and the Gretcher family to have dinner. She looks quite nervous and Matthew McMahon notices her. He reassures her that her family can’t possibly come there since they have third-class tickets and the assassins won’t attack in public, so she does not need to worry for now. After the dinner, Yor takes Olka and her son to their room where she makes sure that no one has entered in their absence. Meanwhile, Matthew notices that someone is following him and others as they head back to their rooms.

McMahon makes an excuse that he forgot something at the dinner table and goes away. The assassin continues to follow his comrades completely clueless to the fact that Matthew now knows his intentions. As soon as the killer is alone. McMahon corners him and manages to restrain him. From him, Matthew learns that the assassins have already found out about Olka’s room and other details. This means that they now have the intel to attack anytime they want, so he must hurry and inform Yor.

Meanwhile, someone knocks at the door where Olka is staying with her baby and Yor. They are confused and wonder if it is the chief who has returned. When Yor sees that the person at the door is actually housekeeping staff, she drops her guard. That’s when Olka mentions that she did not order anything. Yor pushes her on the bed and they barely manage to get out of harm’s way as bullets fly inches away from their bodies. By this time Matthew has arrived there and shot the assassin in his hand. When he is distracted, Yor takes him out with a furious attack that breaks through the door.

When the assassins learn that two of them have gone missing, they realize that Olka’s guards know about them by now. Since they fear that the people protecting her are from the Garden, they realize that the ordinary tactics for defense will never work in the situation. So they decide to join hands and distribute the prize money among themselves. Soon, Matthew has arranged a different room for Olka so that they can get out of harm’s way. But when Yor leaves with Olka, her son, and another guard, they realize that they are being followed.

Yor is extremely careful and gives her comrades a mask to wear to protect their identity. Meanwhile, the man behind them has informed other assassins about their whereabouts as they move. They eventually reach a dark ballroom where everyone is wearing a mask, hoping they can hide there. But they are constantly attacked by assassins who are hell-bent on killing Olka and her son. Yor does an incredible job of defending her clients and ensuring everyone is safe.

Anya Helps Yor

Meanwhile, Anya has her dinner with Loid. They miss Yor, who has not been with them for many meals at this point. Interestingly, Loid has noticed that there are some suspicious people on the cruise ship but decides to stay out of control as it could put his mission in jeopardy. When Anya stubbornly asks for a key chain, he does not know how to react to the situation. Around the same time, Anya suddenly hears the thoughts of a dangerous assassin walking past them. She realizes that the man is about to commit a crime and tries to understand his intentions.

When she notices that she is after her mother, Anya is terrified. But she is even more anxious when she realizes that Loid can notice Yor fighting there and find out the truth about her identity. So she makes sure that she sends him to the changing room, hoping that Yor has managed to take things under her control by the time he returns. Meanwhile, Yor confronts the assassin and quickly realizes that he is really powerful.

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