Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Bragging About Vacation

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 10 titled ‘Enjoy the Resort to the Fullest and Bragging About Vacation’ Yor finally reunites with her family after completing her mission. Although she is really tired, she tries to be as attentive and caring as she can as Princess Lorelei stops at the Resort Island. The Forgers have a great time together and enjoy their day to the fullest. After returning from the vacation, Anya meets her classmates. In order to stand out, she tries to lie about her experiences but ends up getting mocked by her peers who figure out that she is not telling the truth.

Forgers Enjoy Their Vacation on the Resort Island

Once Yor’s mission is complete, she is allowed to reunite with her family so that they can spend some time together. Interestingly, this happens just at the perfect time as Princess Lorelei is scheduled to stop for a day at Resort Island which is reputed for offering great tourist attractions. Naturally, Yor has suffered a lot by now and is exhausted but she pretends to be excited for the family outing. When she meets Loid, he immediately notices that her face appears swollen. Yor manages to fool him by lying that she actually got injured while trying to stop her clients from fighting.

After arriving at the Resort Island, Anya is excited about all the fun activities that the place has to offer. Although Loid has no interest in them, he pretends to be excited as it is an important part of his mission. When Anya expresses her desire to go scuba diving so that she can see the fishes up close, Yor is concerned about the fact that her family may see her injuries on the chest and she will have a hard time giving them a proper explanation. But after she notices that the swimwear for the dive is not as revealing, she happily agrees to go and the family has a great time. The rest of the day is just as exciting.

By the time the Forgers are returning to the ship, Yor is so exhausted that it is hard for her to even walk properly. She can no longer control herself and falls asleep on Loid’s shoulder who saves her from falling. Anya is also tired and falls asleep just like her mother. This leaves Loid in an embarrassing situation as he has to carry the mother-daughter duo back to the cruise ship while everyone gushes over them. After returning to the city, Loid reports to Sylvia Sherwood. She informs him about the mission reports of several people on the ship, who had fake IDs. Loid recalls that he has noticed suspicious activity but the agents do not really know what to make of the situation.

Anya Lies About Her Vacation to Impress Her Peers

As Anya returned to her school, she could overhear students talking about their vacation. She is quite proud of the fact that she spent some really exciting days on Princess Lorelei and wants to tell everyone about it. Anya feels that it will not only impress her classmates but it will also convince Damian that they can be friends following which he will invite her to his home. This would mean that Operation Strix could finally enter its last stages, which would really help Loid. But when Anya explains how she had a never-ending adventure onboard the famous cruise ship Princess Lorelei, she is met with an unexciting response. It turns out that Becky has already been on the ship while other students also don’t find the trip to be really that interesting.

Anya feels that she is losing her classmates’ interest, so she decides to tell them about all the assassins on the ship. But since the government has pushed the entire issue under the rug, no one really knows about it. So, Anya comes up with a ridiculous conspiracy theory about defeating the Octopeople but only gets laughed at by her classmates who are more interested in Becky’s recent rendezvous with a famous actress. Anya later returns home quite disappointed and tells Loid what has happened. Interestingly, Loid informs her how she should lie in detail while also considering mentioning some truth here and there to make her lies more believable. But this does not really cheer Anya up.

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