Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Hand That Connects to the Future

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 9 titled ‘The Hand That Connects to the Future’ the Thorn Princess continues to fight against the assassins while Loid and Anya enjoy the fireworks. Later, Twilight realizes that bombs have been planted on the ship which means he needs to figure out what’s going on to ensure that everyone is safe. When he goes to investigate the matter himself, he leaves Anya at a daycare not knowing that she plans to sneak out to go look for her mother. Interestingly, she ends up doing exactly that by putting herself in danger without Yor even noticing her contribution.

Loid Investigates A Dangerous Conspiracy

After recalling her purpose for fighting against the bad guys, Yor starts putting more effort into defeating the assassins. Meanwhile, Matthew is still unconscious. Elsewhere on the cruise ship, Anya and Loid have just finished watching the fireworks and are heading back to their room. While on their way, Loid notices something strange. State security members appear panicked for some reason. Reading their lips, Loid manages to figure out that they are talking about a bomb on the ship. Anya can read her father’s thoughts so she also realizes what is happening.

Loid wants to investigate the matter further but cannot do so freely with Anya. Since his daughter can read his thoughts, she points to the daycare and expresses her desire to go and play there. Loid thinks this is a good idea as he can have enough time to get to the bottom of things and figure out what’s going on. He drops Anya at the daycare and starts his research. Meanwhile, Anya has other plans. She looks at the circumstances and just when the lady at the daycare is not paying attention, she sprints out. It turns out that she plans to help Yor who is still fighting the assassins.

Loid changes his appearance and disguises himself as a member of the marine who has experience in bomb diffusion. In the chaotic situation, the state security members do not cross-check him and allow Loid to take matters into his own hands. Twilight knows that he needs to be careful since the security there is more of a threat to him than the bomb will ever be. However, upon investigation, he comes to the realization that the explosive is the model often used by Western extremists. He wonders if the target is some eastern VIP. However, he also feels that there is a chance that the entire thing could be a setup disguised as a Western operation.

As Anya is looking for Yor, she runs past an assassin who is leaving the ship. She could hear his thoughts and realized that he had earned enough money and now wanted to leave as soon as possible as the bombs were about to go off. When she reached the deck, Anya found Yor’s weapon lying there. She used all her strength to throw it back to the floor above, where her mother was fighting the assassins. Interestingly, two killers who were hiding planned to kill the Gretchers while others were busy fighting so that they could keep the prize money for themselves. But they seriously injured themselves after stumbling and falling because of Yor’s weapon on the floor which Anya has just thrown back.

Yor Completes Her Mission And Prepares To Meet Her Family

When Yor notices her weapon on the floor while fighting, she is quite surprised. She displays incredible athleticism to gather it and starts using it against the killer with the katana. Meanwhile, Matthew has also become conscious again and is providing all the support he can. Soon afterward, Yor catches the katana assassin and delivers a fatal blow to his chest. Meanwhile, one of the injured killers who was there sometime earlier tries to flee realizing that he could be in trouble. Interestingly, he also knows about the bombs on the cruise ship. He later tries to run away on an emergency boat only to realize that the other killer also plans to do the same. They have a huge altercation.

Meanwhile, one of the bombs that Loid is unable to diffuse is about to go off and in order to save the cruise ship, he flung it into the water only to blast next to the boat of these two assassins. Although they do not die, they are soon approached by a shark. Loid is satisfied at this point that he managed to save the cruise ship. He then finds Anya sleeping in the daycare and takes her back to their room. Meanwhile, Yor is happy to help the Gretcher family board a different ship so that they can safely start a new life in a different country. Matthew informs her that she is free to join her family the following day. It appears that the Thorn Princess has been missing Loid and Anya a lot, so she is happy that she will not get to spend time with them again.

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