Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Berlint in Love

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 11 titled ‘Berling in Love & Nightfall’s Daily Life’ Becky is inspired by her favorite romantic television show to go to Anya’s house so that she can confess her feelings to Loid. Since Twilight is interested in gathering intel about her father, he asks her a lot of questions which makes her think that he is also interested in her. Becky tries her best to show that she is better than Yor when Loid’s wife finally returns home. Meanwhile, in Loid’s absence, Fiona Frost has undertaken all his missions and has done really well to complete each of them on time. Sylvia is impressed by her dedication and when she informs Loid about her selfless sacrifices, he is also impressed with her.

Becky Tries to Impress Loid

While watching the latest episode of Berlint in Love, Becky thinks that even though Loid is married, it is still not wrong for her to approach him with the intention of winning his heart. So she immediately calls Anya and informs her that she is coming to her home. When Becky finally reaches the Froger household, she is relieved to learn that Loid is home, which means she can spend some time near him. Anya tries to show Becky her home, but since she is used to her huge and luxurious mansion, she decides to cancel the house tour and just play with her.

While Becky talks to Loid, Anya reads her mind and realizes that she wants to marry her father. Initially, she is shocked and does not like the idea. But Becky imagines living with Anya as her mother determined to give her a comfortable and luxurious life. When Anya realizes this, she starts to change her decision and feels that Becky may turn out to be a better mother, especially because of her first-rate chef who cooks delicious meals. Therefore, Anya asks Loid to play with them so that Becky can finally talk to her. Loid is quite interested in her family and sees this as a perfect opportunity to gather some intel.

Twilight asks Becky questions about her day-to-day life frequently inquiring about her father as well, hoping to learn something important. Meanwhile, Becky thinks that Loid is also interested in her as he is asking a lot of questions. Just when they are having this conversation, Yor finally returns home. She is excited to see Becky but the latter sees her as an enemy instead. She is interested and determined to prove to Loid that she is better than Yor so that he will eventually choose her. Becky tries to copy the actress from Berlint in Love to impress Loid but ends up making him feel confused.

When she is drinking tea next to Loid, she again tries to do the same by leaning on Loid’s shoulder and claiming that she feels drunk. Although Loid and Anya feel that she is overacting, Yor takes her complaint seriously and sees this as a health emergency fearing that she may have fed her something poisonous. She runs to the hospital with Becky in her arms scared for her life. Yor gets injured in the process and only stops when Becky reveals she is lying. Soon Anya and Loid find the duo in the park after a long chase and later that evening Becky learns to fight from Yor.

Fiona Frost Hopes to Woo Twilight

Before the Forgers left for the cruise trip vacation, Loid took a few days’ leave. Fiona later learned from Sylvia that there are a lot of missions that should be completed by the time he returns. She asks Frost to check the list of assignments and take a few so that the work can be distributed amongst a few talented agents. But despite her workload, Fiona still takes all the missions on her shoulders and completes each of them with remarkable professionalism.

Sylvia is impressed with her work and after Loid returns, she tells him about her exceptional workload management. Twilight is also shocked that Frost managed to do all her missions while taking his responsibilities as well. He thanks her for her dedication to the team and gives her a souvenir he brought from the cruise ship trip. Fiona is ecstatic as she feels that she is getting one step closer to becoming Loid’s partner.

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