Spy x Family Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 12 titled ‘Part of the Family’ Loid decides to train Bond so that he can be of some use in a dangerous situation. But he soon realizes that his dog is not really good for such purposes. His opinion changes the same day as Bond manages to track down a residential building nearby where a fire has broken out. Despite the danger, Bond bravely goes inside determined to help dragging Loid behind him.

Spy x Family Season 2 Finale Recap

Loid is about to take Bond out for a walk, so he asks Anya if she would like to join them. But she does not even look at him even once and refuses to go. It turns out that she is busy playing with origami and is determined to learn as many shapes as she can. Loid does not push her and goes to the nearby park with Bond. Franky is also there and it turns out that Twilight has some plans for his dog. He has been thinking about the threats that constantly surround him and his family. In order to better prepare for such moments, he tries to train Bond.

Twilight teaches his dog how to attack someone without hurting their vital organs. He feels that such kind of training will give Bond an understanding of how to operate when things take a dark turn. But he soon feels that barking and biting is not something his dog is really good at. After some training when they are returning home, Bond has a vision of a boy crying after his ice cream accidentally falls on the ground. When he sees the same boy walking towards him and Loid, he plans to help thinking that he will get praised by his owner. But he ends up scaring the kid after which he drops the ice cream.

Loid has to buy the kid another ice cream to make sure that he forgives them for the incident. Twilight is quite perplexed as Bond usually never does that. He wonders if his dog is hungry, which could have motivated him to do something like that. But the incident that follows only confuses him even further. Soon afterward, Bond has a vision of an old man getting hit by a cyclist. He feels that this is his chance to redeem himself and prove to his owner that he deserves praise. Therefore, he immediately starts looking for the man.

As soon as Bond sees the old man crossing the bridge, he rushes towards him and pulls him back after biting his clothes. The cyclist goes past him but the old man never even realizes that he is under any threat. He is naturally infuriated and Loid has to apologize. Now, Twilight has started to lose his cool as there was no reason to attack the old man. Bond realizes that he is in danger now having put his owner through unnecessary trouble twice. But when he has another vision of a fire breaking out in a nearby residential building, he comes to the conclusion that he cannot ignore it even if it puts him into trouble with Loid.

Spy x Family Season 2 Finale Ending: How Does Loid Learn About Bond’s Power? Does the Arsonist Get Caught?

Shortly afterward, Bond has future visions of a fire breaking out in a residential building nearby. He sees a woman screaming for people’s help to save someone named Daisy, who is still trapped inside. Until now he has messed up every time he has tried to help. Although the fear of Loid getting mad at him is quite real this time, Bond refuses to let that hinder his ability to contribute in a situation this critical. When he tries to run away this time, Loid shouts at him. But Bond is adamant and barks back. Loid notices the resolve in his eyes and follows him. He can soon see the smoke coming out from the building and realizes what Bond is worried about.

When they arrive at the scene, Loid tries to take cognizance of the situation by talking to people there. But Bond already knows what he needs to do. Despite the danger, he runs into the building. Loid realizes that there must be someone in need inside, so he follows him immediately. Soon he notices that Bond is helping someone in one of the rooms. Although there is fire everywhere, Bond shows exemplary courage and continues to focus on his goal. When he goes closer, Loid finds out that he has been rescuing a dog named Daisy. The trio is safe at this point but Twilight knows that the real challenge will start now.

The fire has spread to the floor below, so they cannot go there. The only option they seem to have as of now is to use the stairs on the exterior of the building. But when Loid is about to walk towards it, Bond does not let him go. The very next moment, the floor collapses. That’s when Twilight realizes that Bond is way smarter than he thinks and has the ability to sense future threats. Now that the stairs are also out of the equation, Loid decides to use a plastic bag to trap some fresh air, which he plans to use in order to get out of the building. This turns out to be a good plan. Eventually, Bond and Loid jump out of the window and land safely on the road nearby.

An old man who has seen them entering immediately rushes towards them to make sure that they are safe. Loid gives Daisy to him so that he can keep her safe. Twilight feels the job is done, but Bond has another vision. It turns out that the serial arsonist behind the incident is watching the tragedy unfold from an ally nearby. Without wasting any time, Bond immediately rushes to that man and bites him in the leg. When the arsonist is about to stab him, Loid knocks the man out and ties him up so that he can be handed over to the police.

Later that day, Loid returns home with Bond. Anya has been playing with origami until now and is excited to see her friend back. She goes to greet Bond that’s when she reads Twilight’s thoughts. She learns that they had saved a dog’s life and caught an arsonist following their walk in the park. Anya thinks that they deserve to be praised for their efforts and gives them Stella Stars. The family is happy to be together and later have dinner while talking about mundane things in life.

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