Why is the Blood in Squid Game The Challenge Not Red? What is it Made of?

Despite the fact that there are no actual deaths taking place in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ the showmakers did try to ensure that the overall presentation of the show is as similar to ‘Squid Game‘ as possible. So, even in the reality series, the eliminated contestants suffer “gunshot” wounds and fall down to their “death.” However, despite their attempts to keep the immersion alive, the showmakers did not use any red-colored liquid to indicate a “wound.” This decision has certainly sparked the curiosity of many in the public who cannot help but wonder why the color was changed. Additionally, just what was used as “blood” in the spinoff show is also something that fans are eager to know.

Black Blood in Squid Game: The Challenge

In the case of the Netflix reality show, the red-colored fake blood is replaced with black-colored liquid, almost like squid ink. “The decision was made that on the squibs the players wear that explode when they are eliminated, the liquid should not be red, but black,” producer Stephen Lambert told Radio Times. “It’s never gory.” Using the well-known production equipment called blood squibs that are attached to the contestants, the eliminated contestants are “shot” via a remotely controlled system, drenching their clothes in a black-colored liquid.

The primary reason behind the decision not to use a blood-covered liquid was apparently based on sensitivity concerning the project’s connection to real life. The concern was that showcasing people with realistic gunshot wounds might seem a poor choice when issues like US shootings and the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East remain at the forefront of people’s minds. Hence, it was crucial for the showmakers to find a middle way in order to not cause undue stress to anyone watching the show.

That said, the producers did want to ensure the feeling of competition within the contestants did not wane because there were no fatal consequences. “The fact that the prize is so big is the solution of how you adapt a drama that is about being shot when you can’t shoot them,” Lambert explained. Of course, the drama of gunshots still remains a vital part of the show. While no pink glad soldiers are seen wielding their “guns” at contestants, the elimination process does involve the sound that we often associate with the act, thanks to the use of bullet-hit squibs.

The lack of a red-colored liquid on the eliminated contestants, we must admit, does do wonders to keep the audience hooked. It can certainly be hard to feel immersed in a reality show if real-life people appear to be covered in blood, especially people we have come to care about. In fact, given the many heartbreaks that we endured over fictional characters in the original Korean series, seeing the reality show’s contestants covered in black ink does seem to take the sting out of their elimination.

While no official statement has been made in regards to the exact ingredients that were used to make the black-colored “blood,” certain hints about the same can easily be picked up. For the most part, it seems like the showmakers used a black dye mixed in water. The texture of the liquid does not resemble fake or real blood and is instead more water-based. The show does not seem to be much concerned with maintaining a consistent texture of their version of fake blood, unlike the industry standard of trying to maintain consistency using thickening agents.

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