Stacy Keibler: Where is Former WWE Star Now?

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, a professional wrestling organization based in Stamford, Connecticut, is the largest professional wrestling company in the world, and it has helped to popularize the sport of professional wrestling around the world. This multimedia powerhouse delivers a unique blend of scripted drama and physically demanding in-ring competition and fans of the show are treated to unforgettable moments each week.

It is a renowned platform for professional wrestlers to partake in, and it has paved the way for many superstar wrestlers to emerge over the years. One such celebrity wrestler is Stacy Keibler, and we have the details about her departure from the show and what she has been up to ever since she left WWE. If you are interested in finding out more about it, we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

Why Did Stacy Keibler Leave WWE?

Hailing from Rosedale, Maryland, Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler initially pursued a career in modeling and had minor roles in movies such as ‘Pecker’ and ‘Liberty Heights.’ Her introduction to the world of professional wrestling came through watching it with her boyfriend. In September 1999, Stacy took part in a nationwide competition organized by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to discover a new member for the Nitro Girls dance troupe and she emerged as the victor of this contest on November 8, 1999.

By the year 2000, Stacy was juggling her appearances as a Nitro Girl in WCW, full-time schooling, and cheering for the Baltimore Ravens. However, her involvement in wrestling expanded as she assumed a more prominent role and adopted the persona of a villainous valet under the stage name Miss Hancock. Her in-ring debut came in late 2000 during a Wedding Gown match at the Bash at the Beach event. When WCW was acquired by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 2001, Stacy’s contract with Time Warner was transferred to WWF. She made her WWF television debut on the June 14, 2001, episode of ‘SmackDown!’

In WWE, Stacy initially appeared as a valet or manager for various wrestlers. Her striking looks and charismatic presence made her a standout figure in the company. During her tenure, she participated in several storylines and feuds, showcasing her versatility in entertainment. Notably, she engaged in a memorable feud with Torrie Wilson, which included a series of captivating matches and segments. Stacy’s involvement extended to WWE’s biggest annual event, ‘WrestleMania’, where she had several appearances and played integral roles in various matches and moments.

Stacy’s background as a dancer and model often played a significant part in her WWE persona, and her long legs and dancing skills were frequently highlighted. One of her notable contributions to WWE was her participation in the inaugural WWE Diva Search in 2004, where she served as one of the judges. Although she didn’t win the competition herself, her involvement in the Diva Search further elevated her profile within WWE. Following her participation in lingerie matches and bikini contests on ‘SmackDown!’ on August 25, 2005, Stacy requested some time off from WWE to pursue an opportunity on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Stacy’s decision to take this break led to her WWE website profile being shifted from ‘SmackDown!’ to ‘RAW.’ However, despite this profile change, Stacy did not make a return to WWE. The last mention of Stacy on WWE programming occurred on the March 6, 2006, episode of ‘RAW.’ During this episode, she was insulted by Candice Michelle, who mocked her for placing third on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Subsequently, Stacy officially parted ways with WWE in July 2006 as she sought to explore new opportunities and expand her horizons beyond the world of professional wrestling.

Where is Stacy Keibler Now?

After departing from WWE, Stacy Keibler successfully transitioned into an acting and modeling career. Her versatility and charisma extended beyond the wrestling ring, allowing her to explore new avenues in the entertainment industry. She assumed the role of Fitness Editor for Stuff magazine, where she also had her occasional column titled ‘Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler.’ Her acting career also flourished as she appeared in various TV shows and movies. Some of her notable credits include roles in ‘Big Momma’s House 2,’ ABC’s ‘What About Brian,’ ‘The George Lopez Show,’ ‘The Comebacks,’ and ‘October Road.’

Stacy even found small but remarkable roles in popular projects like the 100th episode of ‘ How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Psych.’ Her presence in both television and film showcased her talent and versatility as an actress. In 2008, Stacy achieved another milestone when she was featured in an advertisement in the prestigious 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She also made her video game debut as her Miss Hancock character in WCW Backstage Assault and appeared in 13 WWE console games.

Stacy has maintained a connection with WWE, making occasional appearances, such as her surprise return on April 6, 2019, to induct Torrie Wilson into the WWE Hall of Fame. In 2021, WWE Network recognized her impact outside the ring, and on March 27, 2023, it was officially confirmed that Stacy would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, solidifying her legacy in professional wrestling.

Stacy Keibler, along with her husband Jared Pobre, co-founded Caldera + Lab, a men’s skincare brand that garnered recognition, including a feature in Forbes in September 2019. They’ve built a loving and joyful family in Wyoming, where they reside with their three children: Bella, Bodhi, and Ava. Stacy has also found success as an influencer, and her life seems to revolve around a fulfilling circle of family and friends. Her thriving journey is truly inspiring, and we wish her continued success in all her future endeavors.

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