Statler and Dempsey From 90-Day Fiancé: All We Know About the Couple

’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ revolves around US citizens in cross-border relationships and chronicles the days leading up to when the foreign national can come over to the United States on a K-1 Visa. Similarly, season 6 of the show introduces Irving, Texas native Statler Riley, who fell in love with her British girlfriend, Dempsey Wilkinson. Although Statler and Dempsey appeared to be very much in love, they faced their fair share of differences in customs, lifestyles, and habits, like most cross-border couples. Well, with fans now eager to know about the two, here’s everything we know about Statler and Dempsey.

Dempsey’s British Heritage, Statler’s Texas Lifestyle

Statler, who was 33 years old at the time of filming, hails from the city of Irving in Texas. On the show, she mentioned that she never got to know her birth parents as she was adopted at birth. Moreover, her early years were challenging as Statler soon developed ADHD, which did not allow her to do well in school or have a normal childhood. Besides, she also developed a passion for insects and bugs, which made her stand out from the crowd. Incidentally, Statler grew up alongside two half-brothers who were both brilliant students, and it made her feel like she was disappointing her adoptive parents.

Statler also shared that she felt like a disappointment when coming out publicly as gay, but her parents chose to accept her regardless. That gave Statler some much-needed confidence, and she was determined to explore her sexuality. However, even though the Texas resident had her fair share of romantic relationships, she was still looking for unconditional love when she came across Dempsey for the first time.

Meanwhile, Dempsey is a United Kingdom native who resides in Darlington, England, and was 28-years-old at the time of filming. Although she did not reveal much about herself or her life, it seems like Dempsey loves the outdoors and even has a knack for traveling. Moreover, while she pursued a course in physical fitness from Doncaster College before attending Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College, she presently works at Yorkshire Post as a Media Sales Advisor.

Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson’s First Meeting

Once Statler came out publicly as gay, she began exploring her sexuality and had numerous romantic partners. However, she insisted that most girls in the United States weren’t too keen on commitment, and she could not find anyone who would love her unconditionally and settle down together. Thus, after a futile search, Statler registered a profile on an online dating site and began looking for partners in England. Surprisingly, prior to meeting Dempsey, Statler was dating another Britisher, and things were getting pretty serious before the English native suddenly decided to break things off.

The split made Statler stay away from romance for quite some time before she decided to get back in there in order to mend her heart. That was when she finally came across Dempsey, and the two connected immediately. At the time of filming, Dempsey and Statler had been dating for about seven months, although they had never met in person. However, the Texas native mentioned that the two built up their relationship over phone and video calls from the very first day and were quite confident about spending the rest of their lives together. On top of it, they also had loads of things in common, which went a long way toward bringing them closer.

Statler and Dempsey Are Navigating Obstacles For Their Future

Although Statler and Dempsey appear to be the perfect couple, they have a few obstacles to navigate to get to their happily ever after. For starters, Statler’s friends are pretty apprehensive about the relationship, and they even expressed their worry at her meeting a stranger in a foreign country. On the other hand, the Texas native mentioned that since she loved experimenting with intimacy, it would be difficult to make the relationship work if she and Dempsey weren’t sexually compatible. Meanwhile, there was also the worry of how Dempsey would handle Statler’s ADHD, while the show revealed that the US native was being contacted by her ex-girlfriend, who still hopes for a reunion. Still, even though the future appears choppy, we are sure that Statler and Dempsey will get through it if they keep believing in each other.

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