Are Stephanie and Erika Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ focuses on couples who love each other across borders. The TLC series rests on the premise where the non-American participants visit their partners and spend 90 days with them. At the end of the period, they either get married or go back home. One of the most reaffirming tales in the series has come from Erika and Stephanie. They are the first same-sex couple on ’90 day Fiance.’ Curious to find out if they are still together? We have the latest news and updates here.

Erika and Stephanie’s 90 Day Fiance Journey:

Erika and Stephanie met online and started to like each other. Although Stephanie couldn’t wait to meet Erika and spend time with her, she was apprehensive about Erika meeting her mother. Stephanie hasn’t come out to her mother yet and felt that Erika was pressuring her to reveal her sexuality.

Apart from the initial discord in their relationship, the couple has had numerous fights throughout. One of them came at an event where Stephanie, Erika, and a few of Erika’s friends decided to take their tops off and go for breast molding. Stephanie felt it to be extreme and a big step in their relationship. Erika felt that there was no link between Stephanie’s behavior in real life and her dreams since she expected Erika to move to America to be with Stephanie.

A social gathering worsened matters when Stephanie met one of the men Erika had hooked up with in the past. It soon became apparent that Stephanie was jealous of Erika having a more socially active life, while Stephanie’s life-threatening bone marrow disorder forced her to stay at home and watch television with her dogs. On the other hand, Erika felt Stephanie was jealous and controlling. You can see what Stephanie means about Erika’s social life.

Things came to a head between them in a recent episode, when Erika revealed that she had an on-again-off-again relationship with a woman who hadn’t come out with her sexuality. This was news to Stephanie, who immediately lost it, and the couple has dramatically broken up on television.

Are Erika and Stephanie Still Together?

Following their dramatic on-screen split up, several people are left wondering if Erika and Stephanie are still together. Going by their social media posts, it is hard to tell. Stephanie had deleted her Instagram profile recently but is back now. Neither Erika nor Stephanie follow each other on Instagram, and the couple doesn’t seem to have pictures together in recent times. However, this might be due to the confidentiality agreement with TLC.

Frauded by TLC, a page which is notorious for providing spoilers, has stated that Erika and Stephanie are not just broken up, but they aren’t on speaking terms either. Stephanie’s most recent post seems to affirm this notion. She’s admitted that she acted the wrong way despite saying the right things. It appears that Stephanie has found it hard to stay.

As for Erika, she is making preparations to return to her happy place in Thailand to volunteer with some dogs. Check out her picture below.

Since Erika is always a focused and vibrant personality, she seems to have turned her attention to promoting body art products. Check out her most recent post.

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