Stephanie and Erika: Everything We Know

Love is all about overcoming barriers. ‘90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days‘ is a show about going beyond the boundaries of nations and language to find the person to spend your life with. For the first time in the history of the show, love is also about going beyond the boundaries of heterosexuality. Yes, we are talking about Stephanie and Erika, the first same-sex couple on the TLC series.

While Erika and Stephanie’s relationship has definitely got fans talking, with many hoping that the two will pave the way for more same-sex couples on the show, you might be wanting to know these women better. We have got you covered in that regard.

Who are Erika and Stephanie?

Erika Owens is 24-years-old and lives in Port Agusta, Australia. A photographer by profession, she has her own website, where one can see photoshoots of newborns or weddings. Her Instagram page is also rather lively and shows Erika sporting bright hair colors. You can check out a picture below.

As for Stephanie Matto, she is from Yonkers, New York, and is 29-years-old. Stephanie is hardly a stranger to the limelight, considering, she has her own YouTube channel, with over 300,000 followers. She also has her own Patreon page, where people can pay to see her racier pictures and videos.

In 1994, Stephanie appeared in ‘All That’, a Nickelodeon show, and has a memoir titled ‘Mean Boys and Memories’. Notably, Stephanie also has a rare disease, called aplastic anemia. It is a potentially fatal disease where a person’s bone marrow stops producing blood cells. This causes fatigue, bleeding, and lower immunity to infections. Stephanie was diagnosed with this condition in 2017. She is reportedly working on a documentary about aplastic anemia.

Although she has had several blood transfusions, Stephanie is waiting for a bone marrow match, which is the only known cure to her condition. You can check out an image from Stephanie’s Instagram profile, where she enjoys a strong fan following as well.

How Did Erika and Stephanie Meet?

Erika and Stephanie’s love story is a great millennial tale. Owens replied to one of Erika’s Instagram stories since she was drawn to her energy and gorgeousness. Their conversation continued on Snapchat and Instagram, and through voice messages. Notably, both women were dating men at the time.

However, once they broke up, both Erika and Stephanie, who identify as bisexuals, decided to give their relationship a try. As the friendship heated up, the casual conversation transitioned to voicemails every day. Stephanie decided to visit Erika in Australia because neither of them had come out to their families, and Stephanie’s mother was always popping by her place.

In fact, it is Stephanie, who convinced Erika to be part of the TLC series, since the former is a fan of the show. You can check out Erika’s post below, where she grapples with being unsure about appearing on a reality series.

Are Erika and Stephanie Still Together?

Erika and Stephanie seem quite enamored by each other, with the latter taking a serious health risk by deciding to fly to Australia to meet her beloved. In fact, Stephanie’s mother cautions against it, but she gets the all-clear from her doctor and goes nonetheless.

We cannot be certain if they are still together since TLC likes keeping details under wraps. However, we do know that there are some ups and downs in their relationship, especially when Erika introduces Stephanie to her ex. That being said, both Erika and Stephanie still follow each other on Instagram, which is where they first started talking. Thus, one can be reasonably sure that the duo still has a blooming relationship to cherish.