Stephanie and Erika: Update and Spoilers

Meeting your online love for the first time and finding your rhythm with them in real life can be a stressful and daunting experience, but when you have to do that with cameras watching and documenting your every move, you might tend to let the pressure get to you and blow things a little out of proportion. And that’s exactly what happened for Stephanie and Erika.

Stephanie and Erika: 90 Day Fiance Update

Stephanie and Erika are the first LGBTQ+ couple to be featured in the 90 day franchise, and the fans were hoping that they could see their relationship go all the way to happily ever after. The couple started their virtual love when Erika became a fan of Stephanie’s YouTube videos and messaged her. The two got to talking and soon realized that they had feelings for each other. Therefore, even with her life-threatening bone marrow disorder, Stephanie decided to fly out to Australia to get to know her girlfriend.

Although the two started out strong, enjoying each other’s company, and having insane chemistry, their relationship started going downhill shortly after that. Stephanie wasn’t very comfortable doing the adventurous activities that Erika had planned for them, and Erika felt like her girlfriend’s real-life personality was the complete opposite of her online one. The couple started having big blown out fights, related to either not trusting each other or due to their insecurities and jealousy issues.

In the most recent episode, Stephanie felt like she was being pressured by Erika to tell her parents that she was bisexual. When the latter explained that she had been in an on and off relationship with a closeted woman for ten years, and didn’t want to go through that again, Stephanie was shocked. She began crying, accused Erika of not being completely honest with her, and even dramatically broke a bowl on the floor.

She told Erica to “Get the f–k out of here” and stormed off from their hotel room. When she returned, the couple talked and came to terms with the fact that they had a lot of misunderstandings between them that they could never completely work out, so they broke up and parted ways.

Stephanie and Erika: Spoilers

It looks like Stephanie and Erika’s break up was final. After the last episode aired Stephanie took to her Instagram stories to own up to the fact that she reacted “terribly,” but she also said that the whole situation was a lot more complicated than what we got to see because of how it was edited and that she was under a lot of pressure. She also clarified that she has since apologized to Erika for the way she reacted. But now, it seems like she has come to terms with who she is and is very happy with her single life.

Erika posted a Lady Gaga quote on her Instagram story as well, “I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.” She also added, “We are all human, and all have emotions. I thank you all so much for the love and support from the bottom of my heart, but that doesn’t need to be validated with hatefulness towards anyone. Love and light always x.”

Even though Stephanie and Erika’s relationship is over for good, it’s obvious that both parties still care and have a lot of affection for the other.

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