Stephanie and AJ: Is The Couple From MAFS Still Together?

The rollercoaster romance of Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller, stars of season 8 of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight, navigated the tumultuous waters of arranged matrimony. The sparks flew when this dynamic duo tied the knot in 2019, and their journey became a captivating tale of love, laughter, and unexpected revelations. As Stephanie and AJ’s love story unfolded, the show’s enthusiasts found themselves captivated by the twists and turns of a relationship that defied expectations. The unfiltered moments of joy, vulnerability, and commitment showcased the transformative power of love, even when sparked by a tipsy decision to find a life partner on a reality TV show.

Stephanie and AJ Emerged as One of the Standout Couples

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller quickly emerged as one of the standout couples from season 8. Their wedding day exuded electric chemistry, leaving friends and family convinced that they had stumbled upon a genuine connection. The intoxicating allure of their union, however, came with its fair share of surprises, especially when AJ shockingly confessed the unconventional reason for joining the show. In a candid moment during a boozy night, AJ spilled the beans on his unorthodox decision to seek a wife on national television. “One night, I came home drunk,” he candidly admitted to his co-stars. “I was like tonight would be a great night for a wife.”

AJ added, “I signed up for it like, ‘Okay, I’m drunk, a wife sounds good!'” This revelation added a humorous twist to their journey, showcasing the unpredictability that often accompanies the quest for love. As the season unfolded, viewers witnessed the highs and lows of Stephanie and AJ’s journey. AJ’s emotional turmoil during the process of moving in with his new wife, at times reaching a point of threatening to “blow my brains out” if his bachelor pad was stripped bare, brought a raw and vulnerable dimension to their relationship. Stephanie, resilient in the face of these challenges, stood by her partner, highlighting the genuine commitment both were willing to invest.

Decision Day came at a crucial juncture that tested the durability of their bond. Stephanie, acknowledging the forced nature of certain aspects of their journey, expressed a desire for the next phase to be driven by their own choices. Despite the uncertainties, the couple’s profound affection for each other was a driving force, leading them to choose to stay together on Decision Day. The revelation didn’t come as a shock to avid ‘MAFS’ fans who had witnessed the couple’s undeniable connection. Stephanie and AJ, buoyed by their mutual fondness and genuine liking for each other, defied the odds and opted to continue their journey beyond the confines of the show.

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller are Happily Married

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller chose to defy the odds, remaining happily together and building a life filled with adventures. While they admit to being social media novices, their joint account serves as a canvas for showcasing their relationship milestones. On their first anniversary, they shared a heartfelt post, reminiscing about the day they nervously married a stranger yet embarked on a journey that defined their forever future. Stephanie emphasized that love wasn’t instantaneous but blossomed through determination, communication, and affection. The duo ventured into the ‘MaAFS’ spin-off show ‘Couples Cam,’ providing audiences with glimpses into their romantic and challenging moments.

The challenges of 2020, marked by the pandemic, impacted AJ’s professional life. While Stephanie retained her job, AJ faced job loss. Their candid discussions on ‘Couples Cam’ underscored their resilience and determination to keep the flame of romance alive. In 2021, AJ added another chapter to their story by proposing to Stephanie once again, a testament to their enduring commitment. Stephanie’s encouraging words to those awaiting proposals resonated, highlighting the couple’s genuine and relatable approach to their journey.

Celebrating their fourth anniversary in Antigua in 2022, the couple showcased a marriage as fresh and vibrant as it was in 2019. The pinnacle of their love story arrived on their fifth anniversary in 2023, marked by the purchase of a house in Key West. In an interview with Showbiz Cheatsheat, they revealed their aspirations, expressing a desire to travel the world before settling into a larger house for the next chapter of their lives. Stephanie, a scuba diver with a passion for exploration, shares her travel experiences through a blog, giving fans a glimpse into her adventurous spirit. Professionally, she has transitioned to the role of FP&A Sr. Manager, Services Finance at Zoom in 2022, after an 11-year stint with Deloitte.

AJ, not one to shy away from bold endeavors, authored his first book in 2019 titled ‘How to Not Get Hired.’ He is now the president of Future Force Recruiting and Career Services. The book, a reflection of his humorous personality, delves into the world of awful resumes and comical stories collected over the years in his line of work. Their resilience and commitment are woven into the fabric of their journey, evident in the choice to celebrate their fifth anniversary at home, prioritizing other aspects of life. Stephanie’s heartfelt reflection on their unconventional TV show marriage resonates, emphasizing that their love and commitment have withstood the challenges thrown their way.

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