Steve Moses: Big Brother Season 17 Winner is Now a Senior Care Advisor

In the captivating realm of reality television, ‘Big Brother’ season 17 left an indelible mark, offering viewers a front-row seat to the strategic machinations of its diverse cast. Among these contestants was Steve Moses, an unassuming college student from New York who would go on to carve his path to victory. As we explore Steve’s journey after the show, we unravel the layers of his strategic gameplay and discover the intriguing chapters that followed his triumph.

Steve Moses Emerged as a Winner By Strategically Laying Low

Steve Moses emerged as an enigmatic player during the show, strategically operating beneath the radar for much of the game. He strategically aligned himself with influential players, notably Vanessa, a move that masked his true intentions. Despite outward appearances, Steve harbored a secret desire to evict Vanessa, recognizing her formidable gameplay. This realization fueled a shift in his strategy, prompting him to play more aggressively in the latter stages of the game.

Steve’s unique nightly rituals, including pacing alone for hours after everyone else had retired and engaging in candid conversations with the cameras, endeared him to the feeders, providing a glimpse into the internal struggles and strategic contemplation that defined his journey.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Steve remarked that, despite the lack of enjoyment derived from many aspects of the game, there is no room for dispute regarding the positive impact the cash prize has had on his life. The acknowledgment was made that without the win, Steve expressed uncertainty about his current whereabouts and circumstances.

Where is Steve Moses Now?

After the curtains closed on his ‘Big Brother’ journey, Steve Moses demonstrated a remarkable return to the regular world, opting to pursue his undergraduate degree in Audio Engineering at the University of Cincinnati College. This swift return to academic pursuits not only showcased Steve’s dedication to personal growth but also hinted at a deliberate choice to move beyond the realm of reality television. Armed with his ‘Big Brother’ winnings, Steve used the financial cushion to delve into the world of audio engineering and also to buy his favorite Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Image Credit: Steven Moses/LinkedIn

In a notable move, Steve made a guest appearance on a podcast named ‘RHAP’ alongside host Rob, where he delved into the intricacies of his journey on the show. This engagement reflected Steve’s willingness to share insights and reflections with fans, adding a layer of transparency to his post-show journey. Beyond his professional endeavors, Steve demonstrated a commitment to maintaining connections forged within the pressure cooker of the inside house. His friendship with fellow contestant Johnny Mac, a dentist, proved enduring.

Despite the competitive nature of the show, their bond transcended the confines of reality TV, and the two continued to spend quality time together outside the spotlight. This echoed the genuine connections that can emerge amidst the intense environment of reality television, showcasing depth to these relationships that extend beyond the screen. Steve Moses then founded the South Orlando territory of senior care consulting franchise, and later, the North Orlando territory. This move into the realm of senior care consulting marked a shift in his professional trajectory, showcasing versatility in his endeavors.

Choosing a field focused on senior care suggested a desire to contribute meaningfully to a sector that often requires empathy, compassion, and practical solutions. Currently, he is a franchise owner at Oasis Senior Advisors as a certified senior advisor, dedicated to providing aid and compassionate guidance. Previously, he worked at PSAV as an inventory specialist for a short period and showed his talent at Walt Disney as an audio engineer as well. Moreover, he is now a certified dementia practitioner, and certified placement and referral specialist.

Moreover, Steve Moses became an active participant in philanthropy, engaging in the Give Kids the World Village fundraiser. Here, fans could meet reality TV stars, including Steve, while raising funds for children with critical illnesses to fulfill their wishes. Steve’s involvement in such charitable initiatives underscored his desire to make a positive impact beyond the realm of entertainment. Although there is not much revelation about his personal life on his social media accounts, we are hopeful that Steve is living a beautiful life surrounded by family and friends who love him and see him beyond the ‘Big Brother’ face.

Steve’s journey exemplifies a purposeful return to normalcy, marked by educational pursuits, professional exploration, and the cultivation of genuine connections. His ability to navigate post-reality TV life with grace and authenticity serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of personal and professional development in the aftermath of a high-profile television experience.

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