14 Most Powerful Super Villains in Movies

Superpowers don’t exactly make a person a superhero. Not even the values or morality or their drive to deliver justice. The one thing that really makes superheroes what they are the super villains. The corollary also holds true. A hero practically becomes non-existent without a villain and the idea of a villain falls apart without a hero. Although, we always root for the heroes, once in a while there comes a villain so bad that they lure us to their side. This post is an ode to those villains. Let’s look at this list of top strongest super villains ever in movies .. who we all love to hate.

14. Ozymandias – Watchmen

If you ask how to save the earth from a nuclear holocaust, then I don’t think your solution will be to sacrifice millions. Ozymandias was so much into saving the world that he started playing God. And a guy with a heart as cold as that, he surely deserves a place in this list.

13. Syndrome – The Incredibles

If you can’t beat them, join them – they said. But in the case of Buddy Pine, it’s the other way around. As a child, he adored Mr Incredible and dreamt of being his sidekick. But when his hero turned him down, all he could think of is to bring him down by making everybody “super”. I’m surprised the way the character is fleshed out. It too gritty and psychotic and dark for a Disney movie and is a tough competition for others.

12. Elijah Price – Unbreakable

Elijah Price thinks himself as a supervillain because of his condition. But to truly become a supervillain, he needs a superhero and the movie is all about that. You pity in the beginning. You kinda support him in his journey but in the end, he’ll leave you aghast. It’s kinda fun but also sickening. They say the devil is in the details, but here the devil was hiding in right in front of you.

11. Ronan the Accuser – Guardians of the Galaxy

Another villain with the God Syndrome. His job, basically, is to deliver justice in the universe. The only catch is, he’s also the jury. And the best part for him is that he’s also the executioner. This is one character that comic books fans always wanted to see on the screen. Though, and understandably, he is not exactly like in the comics, but does justice to his role.

10. Sabretooth – X-Men

Over the years several actors have donned the role of this beast. But it was in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ that Sabertooth’s character was fleshed out to its true nature. No matter how cool and indestructible you think Wolverine is, his half-brother always had an upper-hand over him.

9. Catwoman – Batman Movies

This Batman’s friend (with benefits, sometimes) is a villain who has not only been loved but has also been the most fantasized villain. May it be Lee Meriweather or Michelle Pfeiffer or Anne Hathaway or *ahem* Halle Berry the character has always brought something new to the character while keeping the sexy, seductive part of the character. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Catwoman’s standalone movie that really does justice to the character.

8. Whiplash – Iron Man

Played by Mickey Rourke, Whiplash is probably the coolest villain of all time. Even Iron Man comes out as a rookie tin-man when compared to Whiplash’s panache. He practically manhandled Iron Man and for once you can see Iron Man more terrified that he has ever been in any of his movies.

7. The Joker – The Dark Knight

All of Joker’s powers lie in his mind. There is no supervillain or superhero for that matter who is smarter than him. He can defeat the most powerful of superheroes just using his brain. And that’s why Joker deserves to among the strongest supervillains.

6. Lex Luthor – Superman Returns

Jesse Eisenberg’s enactment of Lex Luthor will seem flimsy and cardboard-like when you watch the Kevin Spacey’s version. Ok, there’s a Gene Hackman’s version also. But personally, I think Spacey did a better job playing Lex than anybody, probably it’s because he has this sadistic look. No matter who played the role, it cannot be denied that Luthor was one of the few supervillains that brought the man of steel down on his knees.

5. Mystique – X-Men movies

One of Magneto’s henchmen is as powerful as him. Staying true to her name she was always a bit mystery in the original X-Men movies. But when the franchise was rebooted, it’s only then we clearly (almost) understood her.

4. Bane – The Dark Knight Rises

The movie might be the weakest of the Nolan’s ‘Batman’ trilogy but Tom Hardy as Bane is certainly terrifying, especially with that robotic grainy voice of his. He’s pure power and evil. He might be a villain for us but in the history books of the League of Shadows, Bane arguably is the strongest and the most fierce hero. He’s more like a muscular version of Kim Joong.

3. Magneto – X-Men

May it be Ian McKellen’s version or Michael Fassbender’s, there’s never a moment where he doesn’t seem invincible. The “cure” did slow him down but it never stopped him. Magneto is more of an anti-hero than a supervillain – he’s not completely wrong about his standpoint. He’s one nemesis who is also the best friend of his counterpart. The love-hate relationship between a supervillain and a superhero has never been so emotionally explored as between Magneto and Prof. X.

2. General Zod – Superman movies

When it comes to most of the villains, they usually don’t have anything personal with the hero. But not Zod, and that’s what makes the standoff between them so exciting. Zod was to kill Superman because it’s the only way to get back at his father. And Superman knows what Zod did to his father. When they fight, there are fireworks of emotions.

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1. Loki – Thor/The Avengers

If mischief and evil had an offspring, then it would look and act like Loki. While most of the villains rely on their fierceness, this guy gets his work done with deception and man, he does it with impeccable charm. He did almost become a hero in one of the Thor movies, but (un)fortunately he did not. Played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki is one of the fan favourites. Quite possibly, the most likable villain on the list.

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