Supacell: Is Craig aka Krazy Dead?

In Netflix’s ‘Supacell,’ a gene trait mutates into something that gives ordinary humans superpowers, completely changing their lives. Because the story’s protagonists are everyday people, they focus on using their powers to make their lives a bit easier. But while most of them are harmless, there are others who use this newfound power to gain more power for themselves, especially if they are involved in a life of crime.

One of the protagonists that ‘Supacell’ focuses on is a young man named Tazer, who is the leader of an up-and-coming gang that broke off from a gang that was run by a guy named Craig, aka Krazy. Craig’s influence is such that despite having superpowers, Tazer is intimidated by him. When he eventually finds the courage to face him, a terrifying truth about Craig comes to light, giving us more insight into what happens to him ultimately. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Dispensability of Craig Proves He is Not the Real Villain of Supacell

Is Craig a bad guy? Yes. He is a gangster, an abuser, a murderer. There is little, if anything, redeemable about him, and it is clear that there is nowhere he draws a line when it comes to having a sense of morality. However, this doesn’t make him the ultimate villain of ‘Supacell.’

In the final episode, when Craig is finally confronted by Tazer (who wants revenge for one of his gang members being shot by Craig) and Sabrina (who believes Craig has done something to her sister, Sharlene), it turns out he also has superpowers. However, his power isn’t anything like the ones who oppose him. What makes him unique and entirely unpredictable (as if he already weren’t so) is that his power is to siphon off of others. The moment he touches someone with a superpower, he borrows it for himself, making him just as powerful as the person he is fighting.

The fact that Craig’s powers are not as evident on the surface makes him a wild card that can be wielded when no one expects it. His criminal background and being the leader of a flourishing gang in South London also put him in a position where he can seek out others with superpowers. This means he is powerful even when he is not using his powers. For this reason, the people of Ashington Estate get him out of prison. They want to use him to bring in more like him, especially now that they have identified Taser as another superpowered being. His proximity to Craig gives them an advantage to get their hands on the boy.

Craig Meets a Bloodied End

For one reason, Craig was brought on board by Ray and Victoria (who is unfolding a different plan on her own right under the noses of her potential victims and enemies). They believed that his ruthlessness, coupled with his resourcefulness, made him the man for the job. But then, when the time comes, he fails at bringing in the targets, and Andre (who had agreed to work for the villains) switches to the good side under his supervision. Instead of getting the job done, Craig becomes a liability because he has to be brought in to be healed.

Victoria sees this as a complete waste of her time and resources. Instead of investing in Craig again (who promises he will not fail this time), she decides to take matters into her own hands and do things much more efficiently. This renders Craig useless to her. He has proven that even with access to all kinds of powers, he cannot stand in front of novices who have barely begun understanding their powers. He asks for a second chance, but Victoria doesn’t want to waste any more time and resources on him, especially when it’s clear that people like Michale, Sabrina, Rodney, Andre, and Tazer are gaining more control of their power and are turning into threats that could dismantle everything.

Considering all this, Victoria has Craig riddled with bullets. Because he doesn’t have any superpowers when he is not siphoning them off anyone, he is basically just another human being. This means that he cannot survive this attack and is dead for good.

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