Survivor 43: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor 43,’ the long-running reality competition show, premiered on CBS on September 20, 2022. As with its predecessors, ‘Survivor 43’ continued to captivate audiences. 18 castaways navigated the complexities of the game, forming alliances, facing physical and mental challenges, and ultimately striving to outwit, outplay, and outlast their competitors. This season showcased the resilience and adaptability of contestants in the quest for the coveted title of Sole Survivor. From new career endeavors to personal milestones, the journey didn’t end with the show’s finale. Join us in discovering the latest chapters in the lives of these contestants and see where their adventures have taken them beyond the beaches and challenges of the reality competition.

Mike Gabler Has Continued To Be a Territory Manager

Mike Gabler, the winner of ‘Survivor 43,’ has continued to make a positive impact in various aspects of his life. In December 2023, Gabler announced that he had successfully donated the entire $1,000,000 prize fund to various charities. Despite his ‘Survivor’ victory, Mike maintains his professional role as the Territory Manager (Transcatheter Heart Valves) at Edwards Lifesciences. With a strong commitment to giving back, he has collaborated with Mental Joe Apparel to support veterans and first responders, emphasizing that Mental Health has no boundaries and that a life change is a family change. In his personal life, Mike is a family man, sharing two daughters with his wife. Beyond his charitable endeavors, he remains active in his passion for outdoor activities, regularly scouting the mountains and maintaining fitness regimes.

Cassidy Clark Competed on Another Show

Cassidy Clark, the runner-up of ‘Survivor 43,’ continued her reality television journey by participating in CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA 2’ in 2023. Reflecting on her experience, she expressed it as the coolest thing that has ever happened to her. Cassidy, formerly a Retail Management Intern with JCPenney, named one of her cats Gaia after her tribe from the show. She still maintains close ties with fellow contestant Owen Knight. Apart from all this, she has also found love in Matthew Harrison. In an interview with Pop Crave, Cassidy expressed pride in her gameplay, acknowledging the shock of Gabler’s landslide victory. Despite not winning, she finds solace in the support received from fans and those around her, justifying her belief in having a strong chance at victory. Cassidy’s resilience and self-pride shine through as she navigates post-‘Survivor’ life.

Owen Knight is Now Engaged

Owen Knight has now immersed himself in nature and travel experiences, which is evident from his recent backpacking trip to Yosemite National Park. His social media is a visual celebration of nature, and his passion led him to create another Instagram page, Owen Knight’s Outdoors. Engaged to Sammy Stevens since September 2022, Owen expressed his excitement for a lifetime of adventures with his partner. In December 2023, he had the opportunity to conduct a live show for ‘RHAP.’ Owen ceased coaching as a fitness coach at OrangeTheory in 2023. He also remains active in brand collaborations. Professionally, Owen has been associated with Tulane University since 2013. In March 2023, he took on the role of Director of Admissions Marketing and Communications at Tulane University, showcasing his commitment to education.

Jesse Lopez Continues To Be a Survey Methodologist

Jesse Lopez received a notable cash award of $100,000 from Australian musician Sia for his time on the show. He is married to Rebecca Lopez with two children. Even one of his children, Gio, participated in MrBeast’s ‘Ages 1 – 100 Fight For $500,000’ video in 2023. Professionally, Jesse has held the position of Survey Methodologist at RTI International since May 2021. He achieved a significant academic milestone by completing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science from Duke University in March 2022. Jesse also shared his ‘Survivor’ journey on ‘The Ringer Reality TV’ Podcast, adding depth to his experiences.

Karla Cruz Godoy Lost Her Beloved Lucy in 2023

Karla Cruz Godoy currently serves as the Special Project Manager at Big Picture Learning. As a co-founder and co-chair of the Big Picture Learning Alumni Association, Karla has contributed to the establishment of a professional, social, and educational platform. Happily married to Alyssa Martins Cruz, the couple bought a house together in February 2022 and is frequently seen on travel escapades. In a poignant moment in August 2023, Karla shared the heartbreaking news of losing their beloved dog, Lucy, while they were in Portugal. Expressing gratitude for the support received, Karla acknowledged the emptiness left in their house but emphasized that Lucy’s presence would always be cherished. Karla Cruz Godoy continues to navigate a life filled with professional achievements, personal joys, and the inevitable challenges that come with profound loss.

Cody Assenmacher Still Works as an Account Manager

Cody Assenmacher, reflecting on his ‘Survivor 43’ experience, described it as the adventure of a lifetime that ended abruptly and sourly, acknowledging the shared sentiment among the contestants. In an interview with Pop Crave, he humorously shared his immediate post-exit indulgence, ordering a feast including pizza, cheeseburgers, tacos, and a milkshake. Inspired by fellow contestant Mike Gabler, Cody has embarked on a charitable journey, giving back to the community. Close to his family, Cody often posts about his parents, showcasing a strong familial bond. His social media feed is a testament to his love for travel, featuring numerous captivating photos from his adventures. Professionally, Cody serves as an account manager at KONE, specializing in elevator sales.

Sami Layadi Will Be a Graduate in 2025

Sami Layadi is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Brigham Young University, with an anticipated graduation year of 2025. Balancing his studies, he works part-time as an A/V Technician and Replay Operator at the BYU Office of Information Technology. Known for his lively personality, Sami has made appearances on the ‘Gridiron Junkeez Podcast’ and is also available on Cameo.

Noelle Lambert is Planning a Wedding

Noelle Lambert, a Paralympian and Motivational Speaker, has continued to make significant strides in her career. As the founder of the Born to Run Foundation, she also serves as a Lacrosse Coach at the Granite State Elite Women’s Lacrosse Program. Additionally, she is the founder of No Bull, a gear-making company, and Ossurin, an orthopedic products company. In August 2023, Noelle joyfully announced her engagement to boyfriend Mark Bierne, with wedding plans set for 2025. The couple shares their home with a cute dog named Ollie. Notably, Noelle delivered the keynote address at Great Bay Community College’s commencement ceremony for the Class of 2023, further solidifying her role as an inspirational figure.

Ryan Medrano is a Part of the U.S. Paralympics Track & Field Now

Ryan Medrano, a fitness trainer, received a cash award of $50,000 from Australian musician Sia for his time on ‘Survivor 43.’ Inspired by fellow contestant Noelle Lambert, he discovered para track and field. He participated in the 2023 World Championship and also won gold in the 400m and 100m races at the 2023 Parapan American Games. With aspirations for the Paralympics in Paris, Ryan established a GoFundMe campaign to support his journey to competitions in California and Paris Trials. In a happy relationship with Jayjay Salais, he is also a proud parent to two children, Atlas and Aubrey.

James Jones is Sr. Risk Adjustment Implementation Program Manager Today

James Jones, the owner of Eat Sip Vibe Philly, has transitioned to a new role as the Senior Risk Adjustment Implementation Program Manager at Optum since May 2023. Engaging in the podcast realm, he appeared on ‘Rob Has a Podcast’ to discuss ‘Survivor 44.’ Additionally, James hosts Dine And Vibe, a monthly collaboration with Rex At The Royal, providing a platform for creators to share their wisdom in a unique setting.

Jeanine Zheng is a Product Designer

Jeanine Zheng has embraced a career as a product designer at EverBright, with a dedicated website showcasing her work. Formerly, she was a UX Designer at Levi Strauss & Co. until June 2023. She maintains a strong friendship with many contestants from ‘Survivor 43.’ Expressing gratitude, she acknowledges her brilliant cast mates, producers, and the ‘Survivor’ community, emphasizing that the games have only just begun. Jeanine continues to thrive in her design career while cherishing the connections forged during her journey.

Dwight Moore Completed His Second Degree From Stanford University

Dwight Moore, having completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and a minor in mathematics from Stanford University in 2022, pursued another degree in 2023 from the same institution. Expressing gratitude in a post-show message, Dwight acknowledges the unexpected joy of meeting driven, down-to-earth, and lovable individuals in the ‘Survivor’ community. Beyond the 26 days of the show, he cherishes the lasting impact of those he encountered, including alumni, significant others, family members, and fans.

Elisabeth “Elie” Scott Recently Celebrated the 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Elisabeth “Elie” Scott, a clinical psychologist affiliated with the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, leverages her professional skills in the show. Reflecting on her job’s preparation for the game, Elie emphasizes the complexity of her work with veterans suffering from PTSD. Living happily with her husband, Mike, in Salt Lake City, they share a loving relationship and often engage in adventurous activities. Celebrating their second wedding anniversary in October 2022, Elie expressed gratitude to her husband for continuing to inspire her after almost a decade together.

Geo Bustamante is a Digital Creator Now

Geo Bustamante, a graphic designer and Project Manager at PixelGlue, has evolved into a digital creator. Beyond his professional pursuits, Geo advocates for skincare and regularly shares motivational messages about resilience and perseverance. Residing with his two dogs, Max and Holly, Geo embraces a holistic approach to life, focusing on self-care and positive encouragement for himself and his audience.

Lindsay Carmine is a Camp Nurse Now

Lindsay Carmine, a Pediatric Nurse at BAYADA Home Health Care since September 2021, has expanded her role as a Camp Nurse at Camp Walt Whitman since May 2022. Happily married to Andrew Carmine, Lindsay is the proud mother of two daughters, Madeline and Charlie. Balancing her roles in healthcare and family life, Lindsay continues to contribute to the well-being of others in both professional and personal capacities.

Nneka Ejere is Working With Walmart Now

Nneka Ejere, a Healthcare and Retail Operations Leader, assumed the role of Pharmacy Manager at Walmart in February 2023. A devoted follower of God, Nneka resides with her husband, Dr. Henry Omoikhudu Dimma Ejere, and is a mother of three. In March 2023, she proudly announced that her daughter Lohi achieved the remarkable feat of qualifying for the state championship in weightlifting.

Justine Brennan is Working at Astronomer Now

Justine Brennan is currently a Regional Sales Manager at Astronomer since September 2023. He previously worked for Lacework as a sales manager. After the show, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she reportedly addressed the gender bias present on ‘Survivor,’ shedding light on the challenges faced by female contestants within the game.

Morriah Young is a Content Creator and a Teacher Today

Morriah Young, a Performing Arts & Theater Teacher for 9th – 12th graders at KIPP Cooper Norcross High School, celebrated her marriage to longtime boyfriend Michael Jermaine Doughty on July 7, 2023. Their unique and vibrant wedding, featuring a rainbow theme, was even featured in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. Morriah exudes joy and happiness, evident not only in her personal life but also in her creative pursuits. An author of the book ‘Reignbow Room,’ Morriah continues to inspire and uplift others through her colorful and creative expressions.

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