Survivor 39: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor: Island of the Idols,’ the 39th season of the popular reality television series, premiered on CBS in September 2019. The iconic Jeff Probst, who has been the face of ‘Survivor’ since its inception, hosted this season as well. ‘Survivor’ has a rich history of launching the careers of some players into the spotlight, while others choose to return to their everyday lives. Some contestants use their experience as a stepping stone for other opportunities in the entertainment industry, while others return to their professions with a newfound perspective. Let’s take a moment to reflect on where these contestants are today after their ‘Survivor’ journey.

Tommy Sheehan is a Principal Now

Tommy Sheehan, the triumphant winner of the show, has taken a surprising turn since his victory. After a stint on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’ in 2021, where he faced a medical disqualification, Tommy decided to shift gears. Once a dedicated 4th-grade teacher, he now holds the esteemed position of principal at Sycamore Avenue Elementary in the Connetquot School District. Previously, he served as the assistant principal at Cherokee Street Elementary School.

In a delightful turn of events, Tommy tied the knot with his fiancée Nicole in July 2022, marking a new chapter in his personal life. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he expressed his love for the experiences on ‘The Challenge’ and ‘Survivor,’ dubbing them “two of the coolest experiences” in his life. However, he made a surprising announcement, declaring his retirement from television screens to focus on his cherished life and career in the classroom.

Dean Kowalski Has an Ice Cream Truck Today

Dean Kowalski, the charismatic runner-up, has found himself immersed in a diverse array of ventures. Currently, he serves as the Sr. Partnerships Manager of Learning at YouTube, bringing his skills to the tech giant. Drawing on his passion for basketball, Dean also holds the position of Associate Director at Full Court Peace, a foundation uniting youth from different backgrounds through the love of the game. Not just content with conquering the professional world, Dean indulges in his love for photography through his page, Hoop Dreams, showcasing mesmerizing shots of hoops from various locations, all expertly captured by him. Adding a flavorful twist to his endeavors, Dean is also the proud owner of a food truck named Mister Softee.

In matters of the heart, Dean’s romantic journey has been eventful. According to E News, he was allegedly linked with Michele Fitzgerald, but the flames of their romance fizzled out. However, love found its way back to Dean’s life, and in 2023, he joyfully announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Melissa Cole. Known for his jet-setting lifestyle, Dean is frequently spotted enjoying life’s adventures with friends, proving that life after ‘Survivor 39’ is indeed a captivating tale for this multifaceted individual.

Noura Salman is an Entrepreneur Now

Noura Salman, the vibrant runner-up, has transformed her experience into a dynamic career. Currently, she wears multiple hats as a financial and Tax Consultant, Commercial Lending Broker, and entrepreneur. Steering her ship, she proudly holds the title of founder & CEO at Noura Salman, CPA & Associates, Inc. Additionally, she remains deeply involved with Super Freshies and Noura Knows Best, Inc., serving as their founder. Beyond the boardroom, Noura has ventured into the realm of podcasting, making a memorable appearance on ‘Low Bottom/ High Rise with Moira Kucaba.’ Adding a touch of charm to her life, she shares her days with an adorable canine companion named Bijou. Unwavering in her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Noura continues to be a fitness enthusiast.

Lauren Beck is a TikTok Star Today

Lauren Beck, a semi-finalist of ‘Survivor 39,’ life has taken her career to new heights and unexpected stages. After participating in a mini-competition, named ‘Sequester’ in 2020, Lauren made a dazzling appearance on ‘The Price is Right’ in 2022. Accompanied by her mom and sister, they emerged victorious in the pricing game. Residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Lauren has pivoted to a new career as an On-Air Host and Journalist. Embracing the digital age, she has become a TikTok star and Instagram influencer, captivating audiences with her engaging content. Lauren’s personal life is equally captivating as she shares her adventures with her husband, Matt.

Janet Carbin is Still Actively Involved in Fitness Routines

As for Janet Carbin, she remains actively involved in various pursuits. Recently, she lent her voice to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Palm Shores Aquatic Center at Melbourne Beach, Florida. Janet continues to prioritize fitness, regularly sharing glimpses of her running, triathlons, cycling, and adventures with friends and family. A true water enthusiast, Janet’s prowess extends to swimming, showcasing her skills in various aquatic activities. Janet is living a fulfilling life with her husband, John, and is the proud matriarch of a beautiful family that includes many grandchildren. Her journey is an inspiring testament to her zest for life and commitment to staying active.

Dan Spilo is Staying Low-Key After The Show

Dan Spilo, whose exit from ‘Survivor 39’ was marred by controversy, has opted for a low-key life in the aftermath. The Los Angeles-based Talent Manager, married to his wife Katie, embraces the roles of a husband and father to two sons, Ben and Ryan. Despite the controversy surrounding his time on the show, Dan has continued to make strides in his professional life. Notably, he produced the Netflix movie ‘Love Guaranteed post his elimination from ‘Survivor.’ Reportedly in a statement to People, he offered a sincere apology to Kellee, stating, “I am deeply sorry for how my actions affected Kellee during the taping of this season of ‘Survivor.’ Dan emphasized that his intention was never to make anyone uncomfortable. Now, Dan leads a very low-key life, aiming to make amends and embody the qualities of a father, husband, colleague, and friend.

Elaine Stott is Happily Married Now

Elaine Stott’s journey has taken a heartwarming turn since her time on the show. Following the finale, she proposed to her girlfriend Tonya, and the couple tied the knot on September 25, 2020, in an officiation led by fellow contestant Dean Kowalski. Adding a new chapter to their story, Elaine and Tonya are in the process of becoming foster parents. Beyond her personal life, Elaine dedicates the majority of her time to managing a farm, which has become her full-time job. Actively participating in charity work, she lends her support to causes like Give Kids The World Village.

Karishma Patel is a Litigation Lawyer Now

Karishma Patel, the trailblazing first Indian contestant on the show, seamlessly transitioned back to her life as a Trial Lawyer post-show. She went back to work at her law firm after the show ended. Karishma continues to make strides in her legal career. Since 2019, Karishma has been an integral part of Jim Adler & Associates as a Litigation Attorney, licensed in Texas and New Jersey. Beyond her legal endeavors, she showcased her ‘Survivor’ spirit by competing in ‘Sequester’ in May 2020. Additionally, Karishma graced ‘The Purple Rock Survivor’ Podcast, offering insights into her show journey. In a momentous turn of events, she and her husband Drew welcomed their baby boy, Jeevan, in 2022. Her story is one of resilience, professional success, and the joys of motherhood.

Elizabeth Beisel is a Yoga Teacher Now

Elizabeth Beisel, the three-time Olympian, and two-time Olympic Medalist turned ‘Survivor’ contestant, has embarked on a multifaceted journey now. Currently engaged to fellow castaway Jack Nichting since November 2022, Elizabeth is not only a swimmer but also a yoga teacher. She obtained her certification in January 2023. In addition to her impressive athletic background, she serves as a Show Host for USA Swimming, showcasing her versatility beyond the swimming pool. Addressing the controversy that surrounded her actions on ‘Survivor,’ Entertainment Weekly reported that Elizabeth took to her social media to issue a heartfelt apology.

Acknowledging her lapse in judgment, she expressed remorse for using serious issues as game tactics. Engaged in philanthropy, Elizabeth aligns herself with Block Cancer, a lifestyle brand contributing to cancer research. Beyond this, she collaborates with various brands and attended the 20th Golden Google Awards in November 2023. Furthermore, she serves as an Ambassador for Save The Bay – Narragansett Bay, contributing to environmental conservation.

Missy Byrd is a Courageous Veteran Awardee

Missy Byrd, part of the show’s controversy, has taken steps toward redemption and personal growth. After the show, Entertainment Weekly reported that she publicly apologized through her social media for her role in the controversy, acknowledging her failure to recognize the gravity of the situation and vowing to learn from the experience. Competing in ‘Sequester’ in June 2020, Missy diversified her portfolio by starring as Desiree in the 2021 movie ‘Baking Up Love’ and working as a production assistant for the TV series ‘Welcome to Hope’ in the same year.

In a triumphant comeback, Missy participated in The CW’s ‘Fight to Survive’ in 2023, showcasing her resilience and determination. Adding an entertaining twist to her endeavors, she hosts the Missy Channel Games, displaying her vibrant personality to a wider audience. Missy, once a survivor of brain injury, received the prestigious Courageous Veteran award at the Brainiac Bash Soiree Supporting Brain Health on January 14, 2023, presented by the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona.

Aaron Meredith is the Co-Founder of Life Agent Launch

Meanwhile, Aaron Meredith has found stability and success in his life. After competing in the mini-competition of ‘Sequester’ in June 2020, Aaron has settled down in Warwick, Rhode Island, with his wife Amanda and their son Kellan. As the Co-Founder of Life Agent Launch, Aaron brings his entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront, building a career in the insurance industry. Having worked as an Independent Insurance Broker at Family First Life for three years, Aaron continues to make strides in his professional life while embracing the joys of family.

Jamal Shipman is Working at Veracross Today

Jamal Shipman, the strategic mind of ‘Survivor 39,’ has moved to the world of education and admissions. Currently serving as an Admission Product Area Consultant at Veracross, Jamal brings his expertise to the forefront. Previously, he held the position of Associate Director of Admissions at Lincoln School. Jamal’s Survivor journey has extended beyond the screen as he shared his experiences on the podcast ‘Rob Has A Podcast,’ providing fans with insights into his captivating adventure. An outspoken advocate, Jamal remains a steadfast supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, adding a layer of social consciousness to his post-‘Survivor’ endeavors.

Kellee Kim Keeps Her Life Private

Kellee Kim, the former Vice President of Life Science & Healthcare at Lincoln Property Company, has taken a transformative path toward activism. According to the LA Times, Kellee has aligned herself with Time’s Up, working closely with prominent attorney Debra Katz through its Legal Defense Fund. Engaging in public speaking engagements and fundraising activities, Kellee aims to contribute to Time’s Up by providing crucial resources and support to others. Despite her high-profile career, Kellee opts to keep her personal life private, maintaining a minimal presence on social media.

Jack Nichting Has Ventured Into Acting Now

Jack Nichting, known for his engaging personality on ‘Survivor 39,’ has ventured into acting, making his debut in the horror film ‘It’s Not Paint’ in 2023. Embracing a role in public service, Jack has served as an Information Officer at USAID – Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance since January 2023. His previous experience includes a role as a Development Coordinator at Grassroot Soccer and even a stint as a server at Corner Café. Jack’s diverse pursuits showcase his ability to navigate different arenas, proving that life after the show holds exciting possibilities.

Jason Linden Has Continued To Be a Lawyer

Jason Linden has now found his niche in the legal realm. As the Founding Partner at Linden Law, Jason showcases his dedication to the legal community and its constituents. Married to Alexa Linden, he is also a proud father to a beautiful daughter. An active member of the New York State Bar Association, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, and the New York City Trial Lawyers Association, Jason is committed to serving and advocating for the people. With licenses to practice law in both New York and New Jersey, Jason’s journey exemplifies his commitment to justice and community service.

Tom Laidlaw is a Mental Health Advocate Now

Tom Laidlaw, the former NHL player, has shifted his focus to mental health awareness. Serving as a Fitness Guru and Motivational Speaker, Tom actively engages in promoting physical and mental well-being. Frequently seen embracing fitness routines, Tom emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Taking his advocacy further, he hosts a podcast titled ‘Full Change,’ delving into topics related to personal development and positive change.

Chelsea Walker is Working With IMDB

Chelsea Walker, known for her ‘Survivor’ journey, has found a niche in the world of entertainment. Hosting the IMDb ‘Survivor Live After Show’ and conducting interviews for IMDb, Chelsea has become a prominent figure in the industry. Beyond this, she made a captivating appearance in the first episode of ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple,’ a nostalgic nod to the ’90s children’s game show. Currently collaborating with Complex Media, Chelsea continues to make her mark as a versatile and engaging host.

Vince Moua is a Freelance Consultant Today

Vince Moua has transitioned into the realm of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, & Belonging as a Freelance Consultant and Specialist. With a background at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the Senior Recruitment Manager for Diversity Outreach and Pre-Enrollment Programs and as the Assistant Director Of Admissions at Stanford University, Vince is actively involved in addressing educational disparities. His impactful insights on educational processes and disparities have made him a highlighted panelist at national conferences. Vince proudly holds the role of godfather to his host sister’s children, who reside in Tokyo.

Molly Byman is Getting Married

Molly Byman, a Duke University School of Law graduate, has ventured into volunteer teaching at the San Antonio Independent School District. Simultaneously, she serves as an associate at Sidley Austin LLP, contributing to the legal field. Molly’s legal journey includes a stint as a judicial extern for the Honorable Judge Harlin Hale of the Northern District of Texas, U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Adding a personal touch to her journey, Molly is set to tie the knot with Andrew Homann, her university classmate and fellow attorney, in February 2024.

Ronnie Bardah Has Reopened His Casino

Ronnie Bardah, the professional poker player who faced an early exit on ‘Survivor 39,’ has seamlessly integrated his passion for poker into his post-show life. A dedicated uncle, Ronnie shares glimpses of his close bond with his nephews on social media. Alongside his poker pursuits, he delves into sports card collecting, showcasing his diverse interests. Ronnie has also successfully reopened his casino, embracing the world of cards and chance with enthusiasm.

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