Call the Closer’s Lauren Risley: Everything We Know

HGTV added another feather to their cap through their new show ‘Call the Closer,’ which follows realtor Lauren Risley and her team as they help clients navigate through the process of owning their dream home. Lauren helps the clients realize their needs, pick out the perfect property and even renovate it as and where needed. With home-renovation shows generating a massive amount of interest, Lauren suddenly found herself in the spotlight, and fans are curious to know everything there is about her. Well, here is what we found out!

Lauren Risley’s Family and Early Life

Lauren Risley is highly private when it comes to her family and has chosen not to reveal anything in public. Hence, we have almost no information regarding her close ones. However, sources mention that the realtor grew up in the colonial town of St. Charles, Missouri, which is just 30 minutes away from the city of St. Louis. Growing up in St. Charles County, Lauren attended the Francis Howell Central High School in Cottleville before enrolling in college to earn a business degree. She found work in finance through her degree, and although she loved the job, Lauren knew it wasn’t her true calling.

From a pretty young age, Lauren showed interest in the realtor business. By 19, she had already bought her first house. She renovated it and lived in it for a couple of years before selling it off and moving on to another property. Using skills she learned from her sister’s friend during her college days, Lauren began her renovation business, hoping to turn it into a successful business venture. However, she soon realized that her true passion lay in real estate and thus began her journey towards success.

Lauren Risley’s Age and Profession

At just 37 years of age, Lauren is now a well-established realtor with her own firm. After starting a career around renovating houses, Lauren was quite satisfied with her life’s direction. However, working in the industry made her realize that helping clients find their dream home and then unlocking its full potential through renovation was her true calling. Thus, she founded her firm — Lauren Risley Realty — and began dealing in real estate.

She has been an extremely successful realtor and has seemingly helped in the buying and selling of over 350 properties. Lauren even has a team of 7 other experts working behind the scenes to take Lauren Risley Realty to newer heights. Surprisingly, her HGTV entrance was through a stroke of luck as she often used social media to promote her business. Lauren uploaded videos of her work on social media where they were spotted by Coolfire Studios, who orchestrated the whole show and helped Lauren share her talent on TV.

Is Lauren Risley’s Dating Anyone?

Even though Lauren has plenty of pictures documenting her life on social media, the absence of a special someone is quite evident. To date, the realtor has managed to keep her love life under wraps and refrain from disclosing any details in public. That, coupled with absolutely no reports on a special someone, has made Lauren’s present relationship status quite unclear.

However, the realtor is a massive dog lover and can often be spotted winding down with her beloved pooch, Gus (pictured above). As Lauren enjoys life in her own way and focuses on furthering her career, we would like to wish her the very best for all her future endeavors.

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