Susan Noles: From Wedding Officiant to The Golden Bachelor Contestant

Image Credit: Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelor’ made its highly anticipated debut on September 28, 2023. It follows the well-known format of its parent show, ‘The Bachelor.’ However, this unique spin-off introduces an intriguing twist to the dating reality show genre by featuring over 22 ladies who compete for the love and attention of one man, Gerry Turner. What sets this season apart is that all contestants are at least 60-years-old, and Turner, a widower himself, is 72.

This exciting twist produces both entertainment and heartwarming exploration of love in the later stages of life, as these seasoned individuals navigate the modern dating landscape. Among the contestants making headlines is Susan Noles, and if you’re curious to learn more about her, you’ve come to the right place, as we have all the details you need!

Susan Noles Was Born in Pennsylvania

Susan, born on March 2, 1957, was a lifelong resident of Ashton in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. While details about her family remain shrouded, her formative years were spent in this tight-knit community. Susan’s educational journey took her to Notre Dame High School in Moylan, where she forged strong bonds with loving friends. Those who had the privilege of knowing her during those school years fondly remember Susan as a bright and spirited individual.

Her classmates recall her as a witty, friendly, and endlessly spunky presence in their lives, always ready to embark on exciting adventures. Beyond her vibrant personality, Susan’s peers also treasure memories of her remarkable beauty. As a testament to their enduring friendship, many of them eagerly await the upcoming season, ready to passionately support Susan in whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Susan Noles’ Professional Journey

Susan’s journey through life has been marked by a strong passion for style and making a statement. This inclination led her to become a hair and makeup artist, where she could channel her creative energies. She showcased her artistry on platforms like Instagram, sharing her work with a wider audience. However, it was in 2011 that Susan discovered her true calling as a wedding officiant. This transition allowed her to play a pivotal role in one of the most important days in a couple’s life. She has since presided over numerous weddings, spanning both modern and traditional ceremonies.

Under the name Nuptials by Noles, Susan has established a thriving officiating business. Her adaptability was evident during the pandemic when she made herself available for online weddings, ensuring that love could still be celebrated even in challenging times. Susan’s clients have not only been touched by her professional expertise but have also come to admire her amazing personality. Their heartfelt reviews stand as a testament to the positive impact she has on the lives of those she serves, making her a cherished figure in the world of weddings in Philadelphia.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Susan has a penchant for leisure activities that allow her to connect with nature and unwind. Golf is one of her favorite pastimes, providing her with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while engaging in a challenging and relaxing sport. Additionally, Susan has a deep affinity for the beach. It’s a place where she finds solace and relaxation, often lounging by the sea, soaking in the sun, and immersing herself in the beauty of nature. She is also a die-hard Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones fan and one of the quirky things she revealed about herself was that she would be thrilled to spend time with the legendary Kris Jenner.

Susan Noles’ Romantic History and Kids

Susan is currently not dating anyone and entered the show with an open mind. She said, “I’m 66, and my heart is wide open…The last chapter is the best chapter.” However, her personal life has had its share of significant moments. She was previously married to the famous Dickie Noles, a former Philadelphia Phillies player and a 1980 World Champion. Together, they had three children: a daughter named Brittany and two sons named Nicky and Chris. It’s heartwarming to know that Susan maintains a close and loving relationship with her children and also enjoys the company of the six of her grandchildren.

Her ex-husband’s battle with alcoholism was undoubtedly a challenging chapter in their lives. However, as of 2020, it’s inspiring to learn that Dickie Noles had been sober for more than 37 years, showcasing tremendous resilience and strength in his journey toward recovery. Susan is now poised to embark on a new chapter in her life and is looking forward to finding a forever with Gerry Turner, the bachelor on the season, who lost his wife of 43 years in 2017 and was encouraged by his children to participate. It will be very exciting to see both of them interact on the season. The most important thing is that Susan enjoys her time and creates lasting memories and fun tales to share with others.

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