Suzanne Scurlock: Scott Scurlock’s Sister is an Expert in Alternative Medicine

As a Seth Porges and Stephen Robert Morse documentary revisiting the unprecedented heists carried out by the Hollywood Bandits in the 1990s, Netflix’s ‘How to Rob a Bank’ is unlike any other. That’s because it incorporates not just archival footage but also interviews from those close to the matter to really underscore the extent of mastermind Scott Scurlock and his abettors’ criminality. Amongst those to thus feature in this original was actually the former’s sister, whose candid accounts were essentially a window into their childhood as well as how all the experiences shaped him.

Suzanne Scurlock is Hollywood’s Sister

Born on November 23, 1953, in Fairfax County, Virginia, as the eldest of two in a loving household, Suzanne learned at an early age that having siblings was simultaneously the best and the work ever. Their father was a minister while their mother served as a teacher for the learning disabled, so the duo were determined to prove they weren’t “goody two shoes” from an early age. However, while she did grow out of this phase, she insists her brother never did; instead, he grew quieter, more mysterious, and deeper into criminality – “he refined it and kept on going,” she stated.

In fact, per Suzanne’s accounts, around the time she was building a life for herself as a family woman as well as a Humanist Psychology graduate from Eckerd College, he was dealing drugs. Then, as she established a career in the world of alternate medicine, he began robbing banks for his own good – he and his accomplices bagged $2.3 million from 19 thefts over a period of 5 years. It was actually during this period that Scott showed up at her doorstep, crying and claiming he didn’t recognize himself in the mirror anymore, as his actions had been affecting him from the inside out.

However, it wasn’t until Scott died by suicide on Thanksgiving 1996 – November 28, 1996 – simply to avoid police apprehensive following a shootout the evening prior that she learned the truth. Neither Suzanne nor any of his family relatives had any idea he was making his money through illegal means and then laundering it to ensure he could use it all perfectly – they didn’t know he was a criminal. His sister had always deemed him secretive and mysterious, as well as a lover for all things daring, yet she never imagined it would ultimately culminate in him losing his life and shattering their parents.

Where is Suzanne Scurlock Now?

Although the past Will forever hang over her head like a dark cloud, from what we can tell, Suzanne Scurlock has since moved on and healed from it by accepting and embracing all aspects. As for her current standing, it appears as if this Reston, Virginia-based family woman is an expert in her field of alternative medicine, has worked as an author, and is also an international speaker. It thus comes as no surprise she first established her own private practice by the name of Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-DSuzann, in 1983, just for it to later establish Healing From the CoreHealing and become an instructor at Upledger Institute.

In fact, at the age of 70, Suzanne is still a CranioSacral Therapy & Somato Emotional Release Instructor, all the while also helping clients access their inner aliveness to transform their lives via her 1993 established organization Healing From the Core. We should mention Craniosacral Therapy (CST) & Somato Emotional Release is a therapeutic process that uses gentle touches on one’s skull as well as spine to decrease tension, promote pain relief, and rid the body of trauma. It’s imperative to note this ‘Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom’ and ‘Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom’ author is also ICF Certified Course Provider who now has an entire curriculum allowing anyone interested to access her teachings.

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