Suzi Baidya From Double Shot At Love: Everything We Know

Suzi Baidya: Double Shot at Love

MTV’s ‘Double Shot at Love’ is a reality series that features ‘Jersey Shore’ alums and best friends Pauly D. DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino, who live in a swanky manor with 20 beautiful women, hoping to find a perfect partner, with whom they develop a strong romantic connection. Suzi Baidya is one of the contestants on the show, who has appeared in not one but both the seasons. Known for her quirky laugh, Suzi is a fan-favorite. In case you wish to know about her personal and professional life, we have got you covered.

Suzi Baidya Nationality/Ethnicity: Where is She From?

Although her real name is Susan Baidya, the reality star likes to be referred to as Suzi. She lives in the charter city of Irvine, in Orange County, California. It is unclear where Suzi was born but if there’s one thing we know for a fact, it is that Suzi’s roots lie in India. Her parents and ancestors hail from Kolkata (earlier Calcutta), which is the capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal. Her surname, Baidya, is a Hindu community of Bengal.

Despite living the American Dream, Suzi is appreciative of her dual ethnicity and often celebrates the rich Indian culture, that she has been blessed with. Check out the picture from one of her trips to her hometown!

Here’s a picture of Suzi, all decked up, wearing what appears to be an Indian attire called saree, albeit with a western twist!

Suzi Baidya’s Family

Suzi doesn’t post much about her family on her social media platforms but her sweet father made an appearance on her introduction montage, on the second season of the MTV show. In the episode, she explained how her parents were prodded with questions regarding her marriage, after the first season. Therefore, they wanted her to tie the knot with a successful doctor and settle down. However, she convinced her father to let her go on an adventure, in Vegas, to have a second shot at love.

Suzi apparently has an elder brother, although she hasn’t shared a picture with him. Here’s a picture of Suzi with Steff, who seems to be her sister-in-law. The caption reads, “This babe can officially put Dr. as her title. Thanks for everything you do, and forever taking care of my bro. I’m blessed to have you apart of my fam.”

Suzi also shared a picture of her adorable nieces, along with the caption, “Love these baby girls. #fam.”

We aren’t sure if Suzi has a biological sister but here’s a picture of Suzi and Upasana Carpenter hanging out in Beverly Hills, California. In the caption, Suzi refers to her as “sister” and “fam.”

Suzi Baidya: Age and Profession

The 31-year-old Californian beauty is a registered nurse, which means she is fully trained with an official state certificate of competence. The beauty with brains is very dedicated to her profession and even the pandemic couldn’t stop the healthcare worker from going to work. On May 15, 2020, Suzi shared a selfie, while sitting in her car. The caption read, “Do what you can during these trying times. Back at it!”

Suzie loves the nightlife and after her 9 to 5 job, you can find her at various clubs in West Hollywood, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, and Orange County. Here’s a picture of Suzi dining with her friends at a luxurious Italian spot in Santa Monica, California.

On the show, Suzi shared a great friendship with Nadya Erazo. Well, they are still great finds who take time out from their respective schedules to party and chill!

Apart from the fact that she loves getting clicked by professional photographers, Suzi is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves champagne with all her heart!

Suzi Baidya: Double Shot at Love Journey

In the first season of the show, Suzi instantly caught the attention of both the boys and the rest of the girls because of her wacky laugh! She developed a great bonding with Pauly D. The two even kissed while on a date on a Ferris Wheel. However, it faded with time and Pauly eliminated Suzi on the tenth episode, stating that he felt a stronger connection with other girls than Suzi. During the first season, Suzi and Nicki engaged in a nasty fight wherein Suzi accused Nicki of being “fake.”

The producers brought her back in the second season at Sin City because of her popularity. The ongoing season 2 features a few other men apart from Pauly and Vinny. So far, Suzi and Nicky Cugine have been enjoying each other’s company.

In a recent episode, Suzi and Nicky get down to business after Suzi expresses her desire to hook-up with an Italian man. She has made it very clear to Nicky, that it was nothing more than a casual fling and he reciprocates the same feelings.

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