Are Pauly and Nikki From Double Shot At Love Still Together?

Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall

MTV’s ‘Double Shot at Love’ centers upon ‘Jersey Shore’ alums Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino as they look for their one true romantic companion, among 20 gorgeous women who compete to steal their hearts. It’s a reboot of the 2008 show, ‘A Double Shot at Love.’ The first season premiered on April 11, 2019, and the highlight of the season was the sweet and spicy relationship between one of the contestants, Nikki Hall, and Pauly D.

Nikki Hall is back in the second season along with all the favorite exes of Pauly and Vinny. Naturally, fans are eager to know whether Nikki and Pauly are dating in real life? Well, don’t you worry about that for we have got you covered!

Pauly and Nikki: Double Shot at Love Journey

In the first season of the reality show, Pauly and Nikki didn’t have a great start. However, one thing led to another and Pauly seemed to fall head-over-heels for Nikki. After sending the girls home, one by one, it was evident that Pauly shared the strongest connection with New Jersey native, Derynn Paige, and the Californian beauty, Nikki Hall.

While fans hoped he would pick Nikki as the winner, Pauly shocked everyone when he told Nikki, “I’m rolling solo for now,” breaking Nikki’s heart, along with the hearts of all the stans. He even stated that Nikki’s love was “too fast and too intense” for him. That didn’t sit well with Nikki, who blasted the reality star in a series of since-deleted tweets. Their reunion didn’t go down well either.

Interestingly, Nikki chose to come back to have another shot with Pauly. After literally avoiding Pauly for the initial episodes, we see Nikki finally extending an olive branch, while everyone is chilling at a strip club. She takes Pauly aside and confesses how hurt, humiliated, and heartbroken she has felt because of Pauly’s behavior after the first season. Pauly apologizes, the two split the blame for the whole drama and finally reconcile, putting all the awkwardness to rest. A drunk Nikki even exclaims, “Now we make babies!”

Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall

In the episode titled ‘DJ Pauly D Day,’ The Situation’s wife Lauren advises Nikki to let her guard down and tell Pauly how she feels. Nikki gets up on the stage where Pauly is DJing, and in the next moment, the two make out. While Nikki confesses on camera that she would love to be Pauly’s girlfriend, Pauly says that he needs to be cautious and refrain from overstepping the boundaries. So, are they together or did Pauly break Nikki’s heart again? Let’s find out!

Are Pauly and Nikki Still Together?

Nothing is official yet but fans can rejoice as Nikki’s social media activities have been hinting at the two being together for a while now. In fact, if we are not mistaken, the two are spending quality time together as it appears that Nikki has moved in with Pauly for the past few months. Don’t believe us? Well, some sleuths on Reddit have pointed out that the two have been dating for “almost a year.” If we check Nikki’s account, it looks like she reportedly films her IGTV Cooking series at Pauly’s kitchen.

And whenever she goes Live on Instagram, the background bears a striking resemblance to Pauly’s living room or kitchen. Take this two-week-old (July 9, 2020) video for example, where Nikki is trying out various outfits from her Pretty Little Thing haul!

Now check out the wooden flooring and the mirror in the background of the picture Pauly shared from his living room!

In one of her Instagram stories, we saw Nikki pursuing a creature in the background of what appears to be Pauly’s house.

Is Nikki at Pauly D’s house? from jerseyshore

And how can we forget about the flirty comments the two leave on each other’s posts? In one of the posts Nikki shared, Pauly commented, “Do you know if they make men’s clothes?? Asking for a friend.” Nikki flirtatiously replied, “If they don’t, they’re missing out besides, I like you better with no clothes on ?.” Interesting. So, all the evidence points towards the fact that Pauly and Nikki are not just dating but have gone a step ahead and entered into a live-in relationship. Good for them!

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