Tali Raphaely: Everything We Know

Tali Raphaely

‘Labor of Love’ is a dating reality series that puts the spotlight on Kristy Katzmann, who wants to settle down and start her own family. Kristy has to test 15 hot and happening men based on their paternal and relationship skills and choose her potential baby-daddy. Tali Raphaely is one of the participants. Let’s find out more about him!

Tali Raphaely: Where is he From?

Tali Raphaely was born in a tight-knit family in Baltimore, Maryland. He had a great childhood as he received a lot of love, support, and guidance from his parents.


While growing up in the city of creative entrepreneurs, Tali learned the tricks of the trade from the people he met along the way. Although he currently resides in Brickell, the urban neighborhood of Greater Downtown Miami, Florida, Tali makes sure he visits his parents from time to time. He credits all his accomplishments to his loving parents, who have always pushed him to do his best without sacrificing his morals and values.


Apart from his mother and father, Tali is also quite close to his sister and niece and enjoys spending time with them.


Tali Raphaely: Age and Profession

The 46-year-old earned the academic honor of distinction Magna Cum Laude after graduating in the top 5% of his class in law school. Following this, he began his career as a law clerk in the esteemed Court of Special Appeals of Maryland.


He is the President and Managing Member of a nationally-renowned real estate company named Armour Title Company. The successful establishment has been dealing with many of the leading industries across the U.S. for over 18 years. Tali has also served as a mentor and godfather to many people who have reached new heights after working under him.


Tali is also the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called Discrimination Free Zone Foundation. It works to wipe out discrimination based on race, religion, ability, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, and class in various companies, schools, communities, and other institutions.


He is the person behind the popular Introze app that helps introduce people who are looking for business, dating, and friendship connections. Additionally, Tali is also a real estate investor, motivational speaker, and the author of a self-development book. He is currently working on his second book that focuses on contentment in life.


When he is not managing his empire, you can find Tali hanging out with his friends on the beach or at his favorite restaurants.


He likes to travel and flaunt his sculpted abs on his social media account.


Tali also has an eye for photography. He seems to have mastered the art of choosing the subject matter for his clicks. Here is a fantastic shot from his personal gallery.


His favorite thing in the world is spending time with the love of his life, his Labrador retriever, Shorty.


Tali is addicted to two things in life – Chess and Starbucks. Here’s a picture of him consuming his poison with a friend.


Tali Raphaely Prediction: How Far Will He Go?


It looks like the self-made millionaire will give the other contestants on the show, a run for their money. Tali is compassionate and possesses excellent communication skills. His grounded and generous nature, coupled with his will to make a difference in the world, might improve his chances of winning the competition.

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