Tamara Jade From The Voice: Everything We Know

Tamara Jade is a singer, songwriter, and host who rose to fame after her appearance on season 19 of NBC’s hit series ‘The Voice.’ The judges went gaga over her soulful performance of Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” and were eagerly vying her into their own team. The last time a contestant received the famous 4-chair turn, he was eventually announced as the show’s winner.

Drawing a parallel between season eighteen’s champion Todd Tilghman, the fans have been declaring that they will “riot” if Tamara does not emerge victorious. Clearly, her audition has worked wonders on them and also made them curious to know everything about the rising star’s life so far!

Tamara Jade: Where is She From?

The founder and CEO of Tamara Jade Music, Tamara Jade, hails from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. She has candidly spoken about her Jamaican roots in her introduction video for the popular American singing reality competition. Despite the pride she takes in her Caribbean culture, the singer does not deny that her grandmother had to uproot their family to provide a better life for them.

Image Credit: Tamara Jade/Instagram

After moving to America, Tamara decided to follow her heart’s calling and got herself enrolled in Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree, as the aspiring musician graduated in Sociology and received a BMus in Vocal Performance. The talented host and singer has been furthering her career in the music industry from New York City, where professional opportunities are far and wide.

Tamara Jade: Age and Singing Career

Seemingly in her 20s, Tamara Jade has kept the intricate details of her life under the wraps. But she has been quite “vocal” about her accomplishments in the industry. The stellar artist is a classically-trained Soul singer who debuted in 2016 with a performance at the historic Apollo Theater. There was no looking back for her as her following venture featured her in the New York Times. Tamara was then cast as a soloist in Theater of War’s 5-week run of “Antigone in Ferguson” at Harlem Stage.

Picture Credit: Tamara Jade/Instagram

In addition to her theatrical endeavors, Tamara has also appeared as a singer/dancer in Lizzo’s iconic MTV Video Music Award performance. The music connoisseur is not one of those who chanced upon the idea of auditioning for the show. In fact, she had been preparing her whole life for the moment and undoubtedly took the world by storm with her opening performance.

Picture Credit: Tamara Jade/Instagram

Her immense dedication to the art-form is evident from the fact that while the people of the world were spending their lockdown days begrudgingly, the musician made the most of the time at hand. She dropped an iconic single “Better” within her debut album “Self Aware” in October 2019, intending to bring positivity and light in the lives of the listeners.

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