Tanaka and James: 007 Road to a Million Stars Are Still Friends

Unafraid to go the extra mile, eighteen contestants put their best foot forward in ‘007: Road to a Million.’ The high-stakes reality game series chronicles the journey the contestants take across land, water, and air in a feat to win the remarkable cash prize. As individuals keep up with the twists and turns in foreign countries, they find that overcoming the hurdles may not be as easy as they initially anticipated. Nevertheless, the participants put fear aside and head on a thrilling journey filled with adventures. Seeing Tanaka and James overcome hurdles in the reality show, fans have continued to wonder more about their latest whereabouts.

James and Tanaka’s 007: Road to a Million Journey

In the hopes of winning the top spot, James and Tanaka set off on an adventurous journey in the series. Filled with enthusiasm and zeal, the two didn’t relent even in the face of adverse conditions. The first level took them across the extensive lush of the Scottish Highlands. Surrounded by high mountains and small waterbodies all around, the duo took special note of the instructions relayed by Brian Cox. With a complementary partnership, James and Tanaka managed to collate their expertise throughout their time on the show.

While one was inquisitive, the other was observant. Together, the friends managed to create a seamless order between them. This became one of the factors for them to apply and subsequently get selected for the show. Ultimately, they set out in search of the briefcase and a chance to bank £5000. From reaching a quaint enclosed location to diving into ancient waters, the duo overcame several impediments. However, their journey on the show was far from climactic. In the very first leg that would’ve determined their continuity in the competition, the duo ended up losing. After failing to answer correctly in the first round, James and Tanaka ended up getting eliminated from the competition.

Where are James and Tanaka Now?

Albeit short, James and Tanaka’s participation in the Amazon Prime series displayed their abilities to encounter challenges head-on. Even when they had to face the unexpected in the wide expanse of the Scottish Highlands, the duo were not dismayed. Since making an appearance on reality television, James and Tanaka have decided to keep their lives under wraps. It seems that the friends are now focusing on keeping up with their personal and professional development. Having been friends since their days at University, James and Tanaka share a long history. Their ability to take on challenges stems from their distinguished experiences.

When in college, James and Tanaka had their share of specialities. While Tanaka was a sports star throughout school and collegiate level, James was involved in other extracurricular activities. Not just this, he was also recognized by his peers as a “ladies man.” Since their time on the show, the duo have kept a decidedly low profile and like to remain out of the spotlight. The friends didn’t appear at the premiere of ‘007: Road to a Million’ as well. So, as far as we can tell, James and Tanaka have resumed their professional and personal trajectory and continue to exist outside the realm of media and entertainment. Naturally, we wish the television personalities the very best!

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