Tanoshi on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has managed to gain quite the spectatorship across the country. While there are ardent and dedicated fans of the show, there are some who criticize the show as well. This is because the panelists of the show ranging from Barbara Corcoran to Mark Cuban, are known for putting across just what they feel about a potential business prospect. In fact, the show has received criticisms that border on being insensitive.  In any case, the show has been fairly successful in maintaining its viewer base since it began in 2009. In season 11 episode 21 of the show, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is Tanoshi. Here’s all we know about it.

Tanoshi: Who Are They?

Tanoshi’s mission is to equip the younger generation of today with the minimum requirement of a computer that makes them acquainted with necessary computer skills. This, in turn, they hope will have a larger positive impact on their education. Thus, the company’s founders, Greg Smith, Lisa Love, and Brad Johnston, set out to create computers that are both affordable and children friendly. As they put it, many times, children’s families are not in a position to buy laptops as they are quite expensive. This is where Tanoshi aims to make a difference.

The company name,’Tanoshi’ means ‘fun’ in Japanese. It aims to make learning both affordable and fun through technology. Thus, the company has a socially driven motto behind their product. This is to enable small children to be familiar with basic apps, browsers, and simple coding.

Tanoshi: What Do They Do?

Their product comes with a keypad that is detachable. This serves the dual purpose of it being used as a laptop and a tablet. The software is supported by Android, along with an inbuilt setting that ensures that it is protected against any inappropriate content, keeping it kid-friendly at all times. The Tanoshi 2 in 1 laptop is priced at $ 185, placing it at a convenient price range. They also sell other products like the optical mouse, laptop sleeves, ergonomic keyboards, and power adaptors.

A mere glimpse at their social media pages will show us that they have been really excited about their appearance on ‘Shark Tank.’ The company website sticks to a basic format that gives important details and features of their products with the philosophy it aims to impart. The product can be easily purchased on Amazon as well.

The company’s posts on social media also address social issues around children, education, and empowerment. They also promote kids learning how to code. The laptop has an inbuilt software that enables children to grasp basic coding skills. Recently, they discussed the impact of Tik Tok on the youth of today and what parents may need to be on the lookout for. In addition, the company highlights the importance of their product during the time of the pandemic as it has become difficult for many children to go to school at the moment. Thus, Tanoshi aims to create a league of its own when it comes to its computers and education. Watch their video below:

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