Tao Zrafi: Where is Drink Masters Finalist Now?

Image Credit: Tao Zrafi/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Drink Masters’ is an exciting competitive reality show that aims to discover the best mixologist in the whole of the United States and Canada. It brings together some of the top talents in the industry and has them through a series of challenges, each more difficult than the last. As the bar of competition is set quite high, there is no room for mistakes, as one person who fails to meet the benchmark after each challenge is eliminated. Eventually, the season finale witnesses cash between the top three as each contestant fights for a significant cash prize and the coveted title of Drink Master.

From the very beginning, Montreal resident Tao Zrafi seemed to be a promising contestant. While being immense experienced in the field of cocktails and mixology, Tao loves putting a personal spin on his creations, which impressed the judges. However, with the cameras now turned away, fans are curious to find out where Tao is at present. Well, fret not because we come bearing answers!

Tao Zrafi’s Drink Masters Journey

You will be surprised to know that bartending or mixology wasn’t Tao Zrafi’s first choice when it came to his profession. Originally from Tunisia, he found an interest in interior design and moved to Canada at the age of 20 to pursue a course on the same. In the Great White North, Tao realized that he had to earn a living, and thus, began working in the bartending industry. Sources claim that the Tunisian native hadn’t touched alcohol before the age of 23 but later found an affinity for mixing cocktails and realized that this was his true calling in life.

From then on, it did not take long for Tao to switch streams, and he was determined to be one of the best. While on the show, Tao claimed that he was there to win and would expect nothing but perfection from himself. His charming personality was an instant hit with most, and it was pretty warm to see him make friends from the first episode. In the first few challenges, Tao’s creations were deemed decent, and although he never slipped down to the bottom, he did not offer anything that wowed the judges.

However, once Tao realized he had to step up and perform, he brought his A-game and was crowned the winner in episode 5. Still, the Tunisian native did not stop there as he delivered one incredible performance after the other, coming out on top in the following few challenges until the semi-final. Unfortunately, Tao faltered a bit in the semi-final and had to endure an elimination challenge against Suzu. Yet, he finally earned his spot in the finale and exited the show as the third runner-up.

Tao Zrafi is Focusing on His Bar

Sources mentioned that after discovering his passion for bartending and mixology, Tao decided to obtain as much experience as possible. Hence, he worked at numerous bars across Canada and the United States and even took part in several competitions in order to improve. With time, he started making a name for himself in the industry and even began featuring in a few publications.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans, as bars and restaurants were shut down across North America. Nevertheless, Tao refused to give up and started to work as a consultant in the bartending industry. He even set up pop-up kiosks once the restrictions were relaxed, which in turn increased his popularity. At present, Tao, a self-proclaimed Genderless Fashion Icon, resides in Montreal, Canada.

Tao mentioned that he loves traveling the world and would not mind plying his craft at different places like a traveling bartender. In addition, he runs his own bar, Funk Populaire, where he claims to only serve “Weird Things.” Witnessing Tao’s rise to success is inspiring to say the least, and as the Tunisian native stated that he is “working on the next big thing,” we would like to wish him the very best for the same.

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