Who is Tatiana in 3 Body Problem? Why Doesn’t She Appear on Camera?

Image Credit: Ed Miller/Netflix

Netflix’s sci-fi epic, ‘3 Body Problem,’ presents a different side of humanity. In almost every iteration that we have seen on the screen of the situation where an alien species is ready to attack the Earth, humans are shown to come together despite their differences; humans work with each other to find the solution to a common problem. But what if not all humans wanted to save humanity? What if some wanted the aliens to invade and win? This perspective is explored at length in the Netflix series, and characters like Tatiana serve as an excellent character study in this context. Who is she, and what role does she play in the destruction of humanity? SPOILERS AHEAD

Tatiana is San-Ti’s Most Dangerous Follower

Tatiana is a staunch believer in the San-Ti, the alien race that is on its way to destroy humanity. She is a fanatic, so dedicated to the cause of the new masters she serves that she has no hesitation in doing whatever they ask of her. Tatiana might come across as a side character, a foot soldier of no consequence in the beginning, but not only does she become a major player by the end of the first season, but her character arc also promises even more drastic things in her future.

Like many other people in the cult of the San-Ti, Tatiana was inducted by being brainwashed into believing that the San-Ti is humanity’s salvation. After a traumatic life, she has lost faith in humanity and believes that only a higher power can set things right. This higher power is brought to her in the form of the San-Ti, whom she sees as nothing short of a God. She might not understand the science of it all, but she does understand the power the San-Ti hold, and to people like her, it may as well be the power of the gods.

She sees the powerlessness of humans in front of her gods, and this leaves no room for doubt in her mind. She becomes exceptionally dedicated to the mission and proves herself useful, doing some things for the San-Ti that they couldn’t have done themselves. In return, they aid her in her endeavors, further strengthening her belief in them.

Tatiana is Aided by the Sophons

One of the things that makes Tatiana a mysterious figure in the beginning is her ability to stay off-camera, even if the camera is pointed right at her. She doesn’t appear in any CCTV footage, and for once, it makes her appear unreal. Is she a hallucination? Is she a ghost? Is she an alien herself? What is she? It isn’t until much later that it turns out that Tatiana is just another human; she only has the power of gods at her disposal, or so to speak.

When the San-Ti planned their invasion of Earth, they created Sophons not only to keep an eye on humans and their scientific growth but also to create hurdles in their development and stop them from moving any further. The Sophons are incredibly powerful, and with the might of a supercomputer in them, they can do anything anytime, like tampering so well with CCTV footage that it doesn’t seem tampered with at all.

Tatiana is one of the soldiers in the San-Ti’s invasion against her own species. She is ready to kill for them, which she does multiple times. Apart from this, she is also tasked with intimidating or even recruiting people to the cause. But because she is still human, she can be caught. The cops might not be able to get the San-Ti or even a billionaire like Mike Evans, but they can easily get to people in the lower rungs, like Tatiana.

Because Tatiana proves herself useful, the Sophons protect her by making her invisible to the camera. They are perfectly capable of changing reality, making one thing look like another or nothing at all. It is through them that Tatiana’s appearance on any and all CCTV is removed even while she is right in front of the camera. This not only protects her but also strengthens her faith in the San-Ti, whom she believes to be all-powerful.

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