Where Are Taylor and Brandon From Married at First Sight Now?

Every perfect relationship finds clarity after the storm has passed. And what if they don’t? For the five couples of Season 10 of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ it really is a make or break situation. They were brave enough to commit themselves wholly to someone they had never cast their eyes on before, but will that bravado come at a cost?

We have witnessed couples who are on the right track finding middle ground on all important milestones to those who barely even acknowledge each other. Sometimes, the viewers are left stunned at the rate at which things spiral out of control. Now, ultimately after the decision day, our curiosity isn’t quite met unless we know what these couples are really up to.

Taylor and Brandon: Married at First Sight Journey

Taylor, though born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Maryland with her mom, who she always looks up to. After a major setback with her ex, she was determined to make love work again, even if it meant she had to go through unconventional means. Brandon, committed to his family, hailing from US Virgin Islands, aspired to meet someone who would share the same love for his family.


The two started having issues the moment they began their couples’ retreat. It escalated to such a point that Brandon was rash with not only Taylor but also the cameramen of the show. He removed his mike and rebuked one of the cameramen as to what he would do about it. The on and off flame that the two shared landed them in quite the murky situation. Brandon’s chief problem with Taylor was his inability to trust her. The two also had deep communication issues the season didn’t see an end to. Needless to say, we were all witnesses to the many lows that outweighed the highs in their relationship.

Are Taylor and Brandon Still Together?

Taylor’s social media is private and mum at the moment. Many insights may come out after the final episode has aired. However, Brandon is done. He seems to have slammed the door quite hard on both Taylor and the ‘Married at First Sight’ team. People reported that he filed for the annulment of their marriage before the show even aired mid-way. 


This is not surprising since his rage was quite evident against the crew members in most of what we saw. Brandon would repeatedly ask the filming crew to stop shooting and leave without letting them follow. This went on to such an extent that we saw the producer go check up on him and Taylor locked inside the closet arguing. At Brandon’s end of the story, things may have come to a close the moment Taylor posted the video, stating the minimum qualities she wants in a man even though she was married.

All in all, the journey went down quite badly for the two of them. Even though Brandon ended his side of affairs by seeking a divorce, it seems like Taylor is still trying to keep her commitment to the show by waiting to share her side of the story till the last episode airs.

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