Taylor Donovan: Luxe Listings Toronto Star is Happily Engaged

Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto’ introduces viewers to a variety of real estate agents active within the real estate industry of Toronto, Ontario. This includes Taylor Donovan, whose work was hailed as being crucial when it comes to the functioning of The Starke Group. Her potential and skills certainly did not escape the eyes of those who have been within this sphere of work for a long time. Her dominant presence in the show also served as a good reminder of just how talented she is at management.

Taylor Donovan is a Public Relations Expert

From 2011 to 2015, Taylor Donovan was a student at Carleton University. During this time, she also served as a Communications Co-ordinator for National News Conference/Webcast and Stakeholder Event for Iconic Event Strategies in November 2014. Additionally, she was the Head Bartender and Closing Manager for the Moscow Tea Room from August 2014 to August 2015. In September 2015, she also worked as an Assistant for the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

Taylor furthered her academic accomplishments by becoming a student at Humber College in 2015. Until 2018, she remained a student at the institute and gained an advanced Diploma in Public Relations with a focus on Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. However, she also made progress as a member of the workforce by joining The 5700 Inc. in July 2016 as a Consultant and Communications Event Coordinator. While her time as a Consultant came to an end in August 2016, she held on to her second role until August 2018. From November 2017 to December 2017, she also worked for Hermès as a Communications Intern.

In January 2018, Taylor became a part of OverCat Communications as a Public Relations Coordinator and retained the role until February 2020. It was in the latter month that she switched to PSR Brokerage as a Project Coordinator. Her foray into the real estate industry certainly appealed to her. In September 2021, Taylor actually left the company for Rare Real Estate and became the Operation and Transactions Manager for The Starke Group.

Thanks to Taylor’s invaluable contributions, The Starke Group has continued to make an impact in Toronto’s real estate market. She may have made a career from being in public relations and management, but she has also learned about the ins and outs of the real estate industry in a way similar to an active agent. In fact, in season 1 of the Amazon Prime series, it is disclosed that she was learning the ropes of being an agent under the guidance of her boss, Brett Starke.

Where is Taylor Donovan Now?

A proud resident of Toronto, Ontario, Taylor Donovan continues to thrive in both her personal and professional life. The reality TV star is now an active Real Estate Agent affiliated with The Starke Group and continues to work as the team’s Operations and Transactions Manager. Thanks to her passion and in-depth knowledge of the local market, she has a good idea of just what the customers want and what is trending when it comes to the ever-changing nature of the real estate industry.

On a more personal note, Taylor is a happily engaged woman today and is looking forward to her wedding. Her engagement with Jeremy Briggs took place on August 27, 2023, and was a happy occasion for both the involved parties as well as their loved ones. The two have been together since at least June 2021 and their love for each other is quite heartwarming to see. The real estate agent often posts pictures of them together on her social media with short but sweet captions indicating her affection for the man she has chosen as her partner.

Given her love for travel, Taylor undoubtedly enjoyed the fact that her engagement had actually taken place in Lisbon, Portugal. She has visited various countries across the world, including Italy, Mexico, and Scotland. Additionally, she has traveled to various tourist destinations within the US and seems to have enjoyed her stay in places like California, Arizona, New York, and Florida. More often than not, Taylor can be found in the company of her friends. She is also an avid reader and serves as the host of a monthly book club. Some of her other favorite activities include doing pilates and skiing.

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