Taz Skylar: One Piece Star Started With Small Acting Roles

One of the longest-running and most successful manga and anime series in history, Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ is known for its rich world-building, complex characters, epic battles, and themes of friendship, freedom, and adventure. Based on the eponymous Japanese manga series by Eiichiro Oda, the show also focuses on Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook, who is easily distinguishable by his suave appearance and exceptional culinary skills. Taz Skylar plays the role of Sanji in the live-action series. His remarkable portrayal of this crucial character has piqued the interest of numerous fans, sparking a natural curiosity about both his personal and professional lives.

Taz Skylar’s Has Lebanese Roots

Born on December 5, 1995, to an English mother and an Arab father with Sierra Leonean-Lebanese roots, Taz Skylar has embarked on a fascinating life journey. Growing up in the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Spain, he holds dual nationality with Spain and the United Kingdom. He finished high school, left his home at the young age of fifteen, and found himself working as an apprentice to surfboard builders. Skylar wanted to enlist as a reservist in the British Army, but a car accident that caused him severe concussion became an obstacle to passing the medical tests. He had to wait an entire year before he could reapply in the military, and it was during this time that he started writing and acting.

Skylar learned to fend for himself through a rough and jarring process of trial and error. There were a few things that he was running away from, and it was an arduous journey. During his early 20s, Taz Skylar faced the challenges of anorexia and bulimia, and he had to undertake a process of complete disassociation from food to overcome these struggles. Nevertheless, he battled the inner struggles that led him into these disorders and emerged stronger from them. He found comfort in writing and acting, and he has embarked on a journey that has already seen substantial success and shows great promise for the future.

Sanji’s Character is a Life-Changing Role For Taz Skylar

Taz Skylar began his career in the United Kingdom and started getting small acting roles. He worked on two small films named ‘Venom’ and ‘Beautiful’ in 2015, and it was just a glimpse into what life had in store for him. His 2018 short film ‘Multi-Facial’ won the People’s Choice Award for Best Motion Picture. In 2019, he nabbed the role of Marty in ‘Lie Low’ and also got to feature in ‘The Reserves’. It was in 2021 that Skylar got his break in a major production, and he was confirmed to be playing the role of Sanji in ‘One Piece’. In an Instagram post, he revealed that he was struggling a lot with his mental health before the project came into his hands, and it was a break that changed his life around.

The last year has been very rewarding and fulfilling for Skylar. Along with ‘One Piece, he wrapped up the shoot of ‘Gassed Up’, a feature film that he wrote and also stars in, for Amazon Prime. He has always been very engaged in theater and his first writing credit came from ‘Warheads’, a play he wrote and performed at the Park Theater that won the Olivier Award in spring 2020. He was also working on the play ‘Hamlet’ when the shooting for the manga series began. Other than entertainment, he frequently trains in different forms of martial arts and has performed all of his kicks in ‘One Piece’ himself.

Taz Skylar is Keeping His Dating Life Out of Limelight

Despite being a public figure, Taz Skylar has never mentioned a partner and has also not been spotted with anyone in that capacity. He has a very demanding job that requires training and practice beyond normal work hours. In an interview, he said, “the stunt trainers including my double would train for as many hours as they were available and could dedicate to me… when I communicate it to people, sometimes when I say eight hours, people think I’m being figurative… Eight hours is, if anything, a round down because sometimes it’d be 10. And it was every single day, seven days a week”

Even though Skylar prefers to keep the details of his dating life brushed under the carpet, he isn’t shy to share pictures and videos of the memories he makes with his close friends in the wild. He is a completely outdoor person who finds himself brimming with happiness when he is trekking, skydiving, and exploring. Skylar embodies a strong athletic spirit, constantly seeking new physical challenges as a source of motivation and fulfillment. This drive fuels his ongoing adventures.

From what we can tell, Skylar is not going to make his dating life public anytime soon but we can be assured that he is striving for things that really matter to him and he is making tremendous success in that direction. Naturally, we are immensely impressed by this hard-working 27-year-old man, and we are rooting for his success!

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