Storm Team: Where Are Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 Champions Now?

A spin-off of ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ chronicles the journey of ANW alumni in a series of obstacle courses. As gymnasts, rock climbers, and athletes gather to dominate intensive races, a remarkable feat of endurance follows. The reality television show first graced the audience’s screen in 2016 and has continued to fascinate many ever since. One of the groups that made fans marvel at the second iteration of the reality television series was the Storm Team. With an eclectic mix of skills that showcase the capacity of human strength and abilities, the competitors of the Storm Team managed to wipe the floor in ‘Team Ninja Warrior.’ Years since their collaboration made jaws drop, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

Where is Allyssa Beird Now?

Albeit a fifth-grade teacher, Allyssa’s love for gymnastics continued since her days as a young woman. Over the years, her stealth and swiftness have made fans commend her abilities. She has made her mark in ‘American Ninja Warrior’ more than once. From competing with her mother, Daria, to qualifying as the top women’s competitor in season 11, the television personality has displayed her eclectic skills repeatedly. Her performance, along with Joe Moravsky and Josh Levin as part of the Storm Team, was equally impressive.

After finishing her stint on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 14, Allyssa took to her Instagram to discuss the bad condition of her shoulder. Having injured her rotator cuff, the gymnast decided to step away from the consequent seasons. The television personality has continued to share details and the aftermath of her Arthroscopic surgery with fans.

Besides taking care of her shoulder, she’s mapping the road to unparalleled success. She is still an educator and even a photographer and recently appeared on a special episode of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ with James Grath, her fiance. A philanthropist at heart, Allyssa has repeatedly contributed to Project Alianza, an organization that seeks to promote children’s education. Not just this, the avid reader also shares her book recommendations regularly. With an ever-evolving following on social media, Allyssa continues to climb the ladder of success personally and professionally.

Where is Joe Moravsky Now?

Donning several hats, Joe Moravsky has displayed his abilities on countless occasions. An athlete, a meteorologist, and a manager at Stamford Ninja Academy, Joe made a significant contribution to his team in ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ and cumulatively helped them to map the road to victory. Having competed on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ since season 5, the athlete has represented his skills more fiercely each season. Even when he had to overcome personal issues, such as the death of his uncle, the television personality did not stray.

After leaving the series in season 8, he has focused on working as a freelance meteorologist. While Joe’s specialization in meteorology has kept him busy, he also has other capabilities to boast of. Specializing in coaching parkour, the Ninja Warrior even extends his expertise to gymnastic events. When he’s not involved in physically grueling challenges, he likes to spread positivity through motivational speeches. The television personality has repeatedly visited schools for athletic events and even weather discussions.

Based in Connecticut, Joe enjoys domestic bliss with his wife and children. The television personality is married to his wife Stephanie, and the duo share the parental duties of their children – Emily, Jacob, and Dylan. The family even has a YouTube page where they regularly share snippets of their home life.

Where is Josh Levin Now?

Making his mark on audiences as a remarkable rock climber, Josh has maintained his experiential abilities for years. As a veteran of ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ the television personality has earned the love and support of fans for years. Even when he had to take a hiatus for three seasons to secure a Master’s degree in design, innovation, and technology, the television personality still reigned in the hearts of fans. In October 2022, Josh announced his retirement from the game series and opened up about his six-year journey in a heartfelt goodbye.

He wrote, “…From watching Sasuke as a kid, to competing as a rookie in 2016, all the way to my final season this past year. To me, American Ninja Warrior has always been about more than just the course – it’s about overcoming obstacles in our own lives as well. It’s been an honor to share these stories alongside so many other incredible people I’ve gotten to know over the years…”

Most recently, the athlete was the focus of a book detailing the stories of adventures and fantasy. Besides being a focus on ‘The Ninja Games: The Warrior Within,’ Josh has been largely quiet about his professional trajectory moving forward. He has always kept his personal life and potential partners outside the realm of media. However, the television personality has opened up about the philanthropic cause that his parents work for. In the hopes of supporting essential workers through the pandemic, Josh has urged people to donate to organizations like Sunnyvale Community Services. As such, we continue to look forward to all the great achievements that lie in Josh’s future.

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