Do Ted and Betheny End Up Together?

In Peacock’s comedy series ‘Ted,’ John Bennett forms an endearing connection with Betheny Borgwort. John spends his entire junior year without getting laid, only for him to believe that he is one of the few who remains a virgin among his school friends. Although he gets together with Betheny with an obsession with sex, John soon realizes that he really likes her, thanks to their mutual love for ‘Flash Gordon.’ Even though John’s eagerness to impress Betheny negatively affects their relationship, they affirm their interest in one another. Still, the first season of the series ends without confirming whether they end up together as a couple! SPOILERS AHEAD.

John and Betheny Do Not End Up Together For Good

Despite forming an appealing togetherness, John and Betheny don’t end up together for good. The Peacock series serves as a prequel to the 2012 film ‘Ted’ and the 2015 film ‘Ted 2.’ In none of these films, John’s love interest is Betheny. In the first ‘Ted’ movie, John (Mark Wahlberg) dates Lori Collins (Mila Kunis), his girlfriend for four years. Despite Ted’s intrusive presence in their relationship, John and Lori’s companionship leads them to their marital union. They get married with Sam Jones as the presiding minister. However, their married life together doesn’t last long. John and Lori get divorced by the time the narrative of ‘Ted 2’ begins.

In the sequel film, John dates Samantha Leslie Jackson (Amanda Seyfried), a lawyer who helps the former and Ted fight a case against the state of Massachusetts. As the case proceedings progress, John and Sam end up having feelings for one another, with the film concluding with them pursuing their relationship. Therefore, Betheny doesn’t last long in the life of John. That likely also explains why she leaves for Italy at the end of the first season of the show. Although she leaves Framingham for vacation, Betheny may have decided to remain in Italy, only for the connection between her and John to gradually wane.

If that’s not the case, Betheny may have found another boy in Italy and moved on from John as he fears. As the first installment concludes, John considers the possibility of his newfound love finding another boy to have sex with, only for Ted to ignite the former’s worry. Ted’s words may have come true, leading Betheny to the hands of another boy. Since she seemingly doesn’t commit to John, it may not be a surprise if she just vanishes from his life for good after their prom night.

John and Betheny Can Remain Together Temporarily

Having said that, John and Betheny can still be a couple for some more years. In the first ‘Ted’ movie, John and Lori celebrate their fourth anniversary when the former is thirty-five years old, which means that the latter became his girlfriend only when he was thirty-one. In the series, if the second season materializes, John and Betheny can get together and remain a couple until the former is thirty years old. If Betheny returns to Framingham from Italy without falling for a boy in the European country, they may pursue a relationship.

John and Betheny can admire each other’s true selves, which makes them special to one another. John doesn’t need to pretend to be someone cooler to gain Betheny’s respect. Likewise, she finds someone who is brave in John. Since he doesn’t mind being a laughing stock in front of their schoolmates to gain her trust, it is clear that he loves her sincerely. Betheny may not forget such a quality. They may spend their senior year together, cherishing not only their potential relationship but also several screenings of ‘Flash Gordon.’

As it happens in the first ‘Ted’ movie, Ted’s presence in John and Betheny’s relationship can be one of the contributing factors behind their breakup if they decide to remain together. In the film, Lori gets unsettled about the talking teddy bear’s intrusive presence in her life with John. Considering that John is Ted’s best friend and constant companion, it can be the case with Betheny as well. She may want John for herself and such a demand may make the latter choose Ted over her.

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