Ted: Explore the Filming Locations of the TV Show

Serving as the prequel to the feature films ‘Ted’ and ‘Ted 2,’ Peacock’s ‘Ted’ is a comedy series created by Seth MacFarlane who is also the iconic voice behind the titular teddy bear. Set in the early 1990s, the narrative chronicles the early life of Ted, a living stuffed teddy bear who lives with John Bennett and the rest of his family, which includes John’s father Matty and his mother Susan. They are also accompanied by his cousin Blaire, who is temporarily living with them while he goes to a nearby college.

As if a talking and animate teddy bear was not weird enough, the situation gets all the more bizarre when Ted joins John in school. Unfortunately, with the accompaniment of Ted comes a lot of bullying and trouble in the school life of John. Set in Framingham, the story unfolds in various interesting places, such as John’s residence and his school, leaving the audience guessing if the shooting takes place on location or not.

Where is Ted Filmed?

‘Ted’ is filmed in California and Massachusetts, particularly in Los Angeles County and Framingham. According to reports, the production for the debut season got underway in August 2022 and wrapped up in three months or so, in November of the same year. So, allow us to navigate you through all the locations that appear in the Peacock production!

Los Angeles County, California

A majority of ‘Ted’ is taped in Los Angeles County, located in the southern region of California. Reports suggest that the cast and crew members set up camp in and make the most of the facilities of the Universal Studios Lot at 100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City. Home to more than 30 sound stages of varying sizes spread across 400 acres, the film studio’s backlot was put to good use by the makers of the comedy series. The backlot consists of alleys, Central Park, Colonial Street, Brownstone Street, Denver House, and many more, making it a favorite of many filmmakers.

Max Burkholder, who portrays John Bennett, sat in an interview with Movie Web, during which he opened up about his experience of working with Seth MacFarlane. He said, “It is just empty space. Seth and the EPs will be able to talk a lot more about the tech that went into it, because they invented a whole new proprietary system to make the shooting as streamlined and easy as possible. But from our perspective, that didn’t matter one bit, because it was empty space. We were looking at nothing. Seth would be off over in the corner doing the lines, which is very helpful, but it was tough to do for the first couple weeks, for sure.”

Framingham, Massachusetts

To tape a few establishing shots, the cast and crew of ‘Ted’ visited the city of Framingham in Middlesex County in the eastern part of Massachusetts. Part of the Greater Boston metropolitan region of New England, it has been named after the eponymous market town in Suffolk, England. Framingham is known for its friendly locals and their sense of community as well as for its combination of urban and suburban vibe. The city is also home to several sites laced with attractive scenery. Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, it is not surprising that it has found its way into the backdrop of movie and television projects, such as ‘Don’t Look Up,’ ‘Free Guy,’ ‘Daddy’s Home 2,’ and ‘Jerry’s World,’ among many others.

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