Tehran Episode 5: What to Expect?

This week, ‘Tehran’ aired its fourth episode and the story is an explosive one. The characters are seen taking some major decisions. Tamar gets into a physical altercation with Razieh and her friends after she leaves her aunt’s home. Tamar then approaches Milad for help and Razieh decides to inform the incident to Intelligence. Masoud is interrogated and he tries his best to not reveal anything, even though he is put under immense pressure. In a bad turn of events, Milad discovers that Tamar’s real name is not Zahra. But Tamar uses her wits to quickly cook up a story about someone named Zilah and is able to evade the situation.

Faraz and his wife chat over the phone while she is on her way to Paris. However, she is taken captive by the Mossad who plans to exchange her for Masoud. Coming back to Tamar, she decides to stay back in Tehran and give her mission another shot. That being said, the fifth episode promises to bring in more twists and complications. Tamar, after being reported by Razieh, is now exposed. And with Faraz’s wife with the Mossad, things have become personal. So, yes, the next episode will definitely pack a punch. And if you wish to dive further into its details, here is our preview of ‘Tehran’ season 1 episode 5.

Tehran Episode 5 Release Date

‘Tehran’ Episode 5 is set to release on Friday, October 9, 2020, on Apple TV Plus at 12 am PT.

Where to Watch Tehran Episode 5 Online?

You can stream ‘Tehran’ exclusively on Apple TV Plus. If you haven’t signed up for the membership, you can also watch the show on the seven-day trial that the streaming service provides to its new customers.

Tehran Episode 5 Spoilers

‘Tehran’, until now, has given us a first-hand glimpse of how loyalties are tested between members of the same group when they are deployed in enemy territories. Masoud lands in a tricky situation but then, the Mossad helps him out. However, in episode 5, things get messy between the two. What happens is, the Mossad kidnaps Faraz’s wife and demands the release of Masoud. Faraz is left with no choice and he releases Masoud — but not before revealing that he will not spare anyone, now that families are involved. When Masoud learns of the deal made between the Mossad and Faraz, he grows suspicious. And this leads him to make a mistake — and a devastating one at that.

Meanwhile, after Tamar notices that Iran is growing stronger in terms of nuclear power, she is skeptical of leaving the country. She wants to secure the safety of Israel and decides to stay back. However, her alliance with Milad is filled with mistrust and secrets. Because it is not only Tamar who has not revealed her true intentions. Even Milad is hiding a lot from her. To make matters worse, things take a drastic turn when Tamar is forced to prove her loyalty before Milad and his commune members in Tehran.

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