Tehran Episode 6 Recap / Ending, Explained

The sixth episode of ‘Tehran’ brings some dangerous twists for all the characters, where some of them come face to face with the reality of their situations while the others prepare for another challenging task. The series of events tests the mettle of Tamar, who seems to be getting exhausted with all the lies and the collateral damage along the way. The ending of the episode hints at another innocent person falling victim to the set of circumstances that they have nothing to do with. If you haven’t caught up with the episode yet, head over to Apple TV Plus. SPOILERS AHEAD

Tehran Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Tamar and Milad return to Tehran to move forward with their plan. While Milad thinks that it is about their revolution and showing dissent against the regime, he doesn’t know that Tamar has an ulterior motive behind the whole thing. His friend, on the other hand, is not so convinced with Tamar’s story and decides to dig into the truth and find out who Zhila really is. Meanwhile, Tamar and Milad make contact with the man who is going to help them break into the electric company and facilitate the mission. Faraz receives a setback when the Mossad doesn’t return his wife and he becomes anxious about the entire situation. When everything seems to be slipping from his hands, he decides to take an alternate route to get what he wants.

The Ending

What was supposed to be a quick job turns into a long-winded affair for Tamar, who was supposed to be back home by now. She was to find a backdoor into the Iranian military and disable their radar system to allow the Israeli air forces to do their job quietly. But one wrong move led to a huge shift in the plan and placed a number of hurdles in Tamar’s path. With Masoud dead, something that she doesn’t know yet, she finds help in an unsuspecting Iranian dissident who falls for her charm and makes the mistake of believing that he is her knight in shining armor. By the end of the episode, this delusion of being the champion of a wronged Zhila is shattered and Milad realizes that he has been played all along.

His friend, who had been suspicious of Tamar since the beginning, finds out that she is not who she claims to be. He believes her to be a part of the Revolutionary Guard whom the Iranian authorities have sent to infiltrate their ranks. He can’t even begin to fathom the reality, which is that Tamar is much worse than that. The interference of Yael leads to the death of Milad’s friend and he becomes a captive of the Mossad. While Gorev tries to handle another plan of action for their mission, which still hangs in the balance and has to be accomplished at any cost, Yael assures him that having Tamar inside the electric company would help them a great deal.

What they don’t know is that Faraz’s colleague, Ali, has found a lead that connects Tamar to the electric company and he might be very close to finding out what the Mossad is trying to do in Iran. The last time Tamar had been at the electric company, she had tried to erase all proof of her work there. Even if someone would locate her there, they wouldn’t be able to figure out just what she was trying to do. However, with not many options available at the place, it doesn’t take long for the cyber division to figure out that she found a backdoor at the electric company and was trying to hack into one or the other division of Iran’s military. The fact that Tamar is to return to that place soon enough means that there is a huge possibility for her plan to encounter another hitch. Previously, everything had been a surprise, the setbacks had been a coincidence. But this time, Ali and his team will be ready to apprehend her, and it will not be as easy to wriggle a way out of the mess this time.

Another problem for Tamar is that things are going to get personal for her very soon. She is not aware of the deal her superiors made with Faraz to get Masoud off the hook. While, technically, Faraz had come through with his end of the deal, the Mossad didn’t deliver at their end. They didn’t release his wife from their captivity, and with the dismissal from his job due to an act that he had to commit to secure his wife’s safety, Faraz is ready to do whatever it takes to get his old life back. Because his enemies made things personal for him, he is going to do the same to them now. Using Arezoo, he found a connection to Tamar in Israel and zeroed in on her father. He led him to Istanbul, away from Israel and the Mossad, with Arezoo as bait. Tamar’s father has no idea about his daughter’s work and he doesn’t know about her interaction with Arezoo. He thinks he is there to help his sister-in-law, but instead, he finds Faraz, who will now use him to either get his wife back or to lure Tamar out in the open, so he can arrest her and prove to his superiors that he is not lax at his job, neither is affiliated to the enemies. In any case, it only means bad news for Tamar.

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