Where is Tehran Filmed?

‘Tehran’ is an Israeli Apple TV+ spy thriller series that follows the story of Tamar, a Mossad agent and computer hacker who is sent to Tehran on a top-secret mission. Things do not go as planned and Tamar is stuck in the country she was born in, reconnecting with her roots, and unwittingly putting herself and everyone around her in fatal danger. ‘Tehran’ is a fast-paced, taut, action-packed drama that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

The binge-worthy series, written by Moshe Zonder and Omri Shenhar and directed by Daniel Syrkin, focuses entirely on espionage. The plot centers around the Israeli-Iranian political conflict and Tamar’s mission is a time-sensitive assignment that leaves no room for mistakes and has far-reaching implications for the entire world.

‘Tehran’ series stars Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub, Menashe Noy, Shervin Alenabi, Navid Negahban, Liraz Charhi, Reza Diako, and Dan Mor. Many of the actors playing Iranians are actually Iran-born and even speak the local language as their mother-tongue, so that lends a decided air of authenticity to the show. Niv Sultan, who plays Tamar, had to study Persian for many months and learned the Israeli self-defense of Krav Maga in order to prepare for her role. Early reviews are favorable and the critics have already given the show a huge thumbs up, so viewers who love spy shows and movies need to put ‘Tehran’ on their watchlist.

Tehran Filming Locations

You might assume that ‘Tehran’ the series would have been filmed in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. But you would be wrong to assume that. In fact, the production team did not even set foot in Iran to shoot the series. ‘Tehran’ was filmed entirely on location in Greece.

Athens, Greece

The production team of ‘Tehran’ filmed the show entirely in Greece, with Athens posing as Tehran. Like how Toronto pretends to be New York for so many films and shows, Athens doubled as the city of Tehran. The production crew called it the “Tehranisation” of Athens. The set detailing is brilliant as viewers will not be able to recognize the ancient Greek city of Athens in any scene of ‘Tehran’.

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