Thank You, I’m Sorry: Where Was the Netflix Movie Filmed?

The Lisa Aschan directorial, Netflix’s ‘Thank You, I’m Sorry,’ is a Swedish drama film that focuses on a woman named Sara who leads a picture-perfect life with her partner Daniél, their son Eliot, while she is pregnant with a second child. Soon, the nuclear family’s life turns upside down when the heavily pregnant Sara is left all alone, with nobody to take care of her. Unexpectedly, it is Sara’s estranged older sister Linda who comes to her aid, along with a big furry dog.

Linda, known to be an immature and helpless adult, offers to move in with Sara and help out her sister in need. Originally titled ‘Tack Och Förlåt,’ the comedy movie consists of some talented actors, including Charlotta Björck, Sanna Sundqvist, Amael Blomgren, Ia Langhammer, Juan Rodriguez, Ville Virtanen, and Peshang Rad, all of whom elevate the quality of the narrative through their brilliant performances. Given the interesting locations in the backdrop, including Sara’s residence, many of you are likely to have some questions about the filming sites of ‘Thank You, I’m Sorry.’

Thank You, I’m Sorry Shooting Locations

Filming for ‘Thank You, I’m Sorry’ was carried out entirely in the Nordic country of Sweden in Northern Europe. According to reports, principal photography for the comedy-drama movie began in October 2022 and ended in November of the same year. As the Cinematographer of the movie, Josephine Owe, known for her work on the acclaimed drama series ‘Lust,’ utilized her technical expertise and artistic vision to enhance the visual aesthetic of the movie. Now, let’s walk you through the specific locations that were chosen to tape the Sanna Sundqvist-led film.

Stockholm, Sweden

‘Thank You, I’m Sorry’ was shot in the vibrant city of Stockholm in the eponymous County the southeastern part of Sweden. Nestled at the intersection of Lake Mälar and Salt Bay, it is the capital city of the Scandinavian country. For the purpose of filming, the production team of the Lisa Aschan directorial traversed through several areas in the city and settled upon. The cast and crew of the comedy drama film not only had a great time on the set but also shared pictures with their fans as a testament to the same on their social media profiles.

Stockholm stretches across over a dozen islands; thus, it offers a breathtaking view of the natural scenery, adorned by colorful townhouses along the waterfront promenades, and has earned the nickname of the Venice of the North. The cosmopolitan city is famous for its subway system, known as the Tunnelbana, a 110 kilometers long public transit line embellished with murals, paintings and other raw and splendid artworks of over 150 talented artists. The charm and staggering beauty of the metro system is reportedly what makes it the world’s longest art exhibit.

Apart from that, Stockholm is also popular among tourists for its culture, parks, cuisine, stunning architecture on the buildings and streets, UNESCO world heritage sites and other historic museums, and its overall ambience. Therefore, coupling that with the film production incentives provided by the country makes Stockholm a favorable shooting site for a wide variety of television shows films such as ‘Thank You I’m Sorry.’

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