33 Best Feel-Good Movies on Netflix (March 2024)

What constitutes a feel-good movie? Simply put, it’s any movie that leaves you in a happy state of mind, free from stress. Setting aside the definition, there isn’t a specific genre for feel-good movies per se, meaning the category is largely genre-agnostic. However, at The Cinemaholic, we’ve observed that most movies categorized as feel-good are often romantic comedies, animated films, chick flicks, or romance dramas that conclude happily despite a gloomy start. It’s also noteworthy that feel-good movies rarely fall into the action, horror, or thriller genres, as these often end on a rather dreary note. There’s no shortage of feel-good movies on Netflix. Such movies not only lift us from a state of depression but are also inspiring and uplifting. With that said, here is the list of top feel-good movies on Netflix you can stream right now.

33. Yes Day (2021)

Starring Jennifer Garner, Jenna Ortega, and Edgar Ramirez, ‘Yes Day’ is just what it sounds: like Parents Carlos and Allison are suffering from a parent block, i.e., they are failing to be good parents. Then, upon the suggestion of a counselor, they say yes to everything that their three children ask or want for a whole day. Assuming you haven’t done it with your kids if you have them, you would definitely want to have a taste of how it can turn out. Our suggestion is to watch it with your kids. And if you don’t have them, even then, this film is a treat. You can stream it here.

32. Benji (2018)

The film opens with an adorable pet, Benji, who is on the run from a dog catcher and is astray in the city. Carter and Frankie are getting over the untimely demise of their father. The kids pick up the stray puppy and name him Benji. Their mom is a hardworking single mother trying to make ends meet, and Carter and Frankie smuggle the pup into the house, unbeknownst to her. Fearing that his mother would commit the animal to a pound, he sets the animal loose. Soon, Carter and Frankie are kidnapped, and Benji is the only eyewitness who leads their mother and the police to the whereabouts of her children. ‘Benji’ is true to its heart, and any movie on dogs would make your day, wouldn’t it? You can stream the film here.

31. When We First Met (2018)

Adam DeVine shines brighter than anyone else in this rom-com that has a dash of science fiction and a time travel angle associated with it. Noah is attending the engagement party of his one-sided crush, Avery, and Ethan, the person Avery is getting engaged with. The movie follows a somewhat non-linear narrative. Noah recalls the time when she first met Avery and was smitten by her, but sadly, he couldn’t get her engaged with himself instead. Drowned in gloom and after getting drunk, Noah ends up in a photo booth where he and Avery had spent a nice time together. Soon, he realizes he can travel back in time to the day he met Avery – every time he uses the photo booth. Despite repeated attempts to change the circumstances that prevailed during the first time he met Avery, Noah soon realizes that perhaps Avery wasn’t meant to be his and goes on to live his life normally. ‘When We First Met’ relies heavily on DeVine’s path-breaking performance and would’ve done miserably if not for him. You can check out the movie here.

30. Set It Up (2018)

What happens when a man and a woman get inspired enough to hook their bosses together? ‘Set It Up’ is the narrative of Harper and Charlie, who assist Kirsten, a journalist-turned-editor, and Rick, a venture capitalist, respectively, and are boggled by the work pressure from their respective bosses. One night, when they are to collect dinner for their bosses, Harper and Charlie meet owing to a coincidence and hatch up a plan to set their bosses up against each other, for they are fed up with single, workaholic superiors. While their plan works out well initially, it is doomed because, as it turns out, Rick is already married and is cheating on his wife. During the entire process, Charlie and Harper realize they, too, have feelings for each other. A coming-of-age love story, ‘Set It Up,’ knows no bounds in making you feel good about it. You may watch it here.

29. Carrie Pilby (2016)

The titular Carrie Pilby is a genius child prodigy teenager who is graduating from Harvard after surpassing all expectations. While she’s shining at what she loves, she is socially awkward and doesn’t know how to mingle with people. While living alone in the never-ending New York City, her therapist suggests she take up a challenge between Thanksgiving and New Year – to go out and make friends. As she begins the so-called socializing, an extremely slow and painful process for her, she does ultimately realize that social life has its benefits. While the movie is relatable to an extent and is recognized as a coming-of-age story, the feel-good factor comes from the avenues where Carrie is seemingly winning towards the end of the movie. You may stream the film here.

28. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

A Netflix original film, ‘Always Be My Maybe‘ is a story that revolves around the relationship between two characters, Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim, who have known each other since they were little kids. Sasha often came over to Marcus’ house, where his mother taught her cooking. The story of the film begins at a point in time when the two of them have grown up and have not spoken to each other for 15 years after a major fallout. When the story of this film begins, Marcus works with his father at his AC installation service and plays in a local band. Sasha, on the other hand, is now a rather well-known chef who has returned to town to open a restaurant here. The two friends finally meet and hit it off again, only for them to realize that despite having love interests, they are falling for each other. The movie has some genuinely heartfelt moments and some wonderful comedic moments, making it a rather interesting watch. Feel free to check it out here.

27. The Holiday Calendar (2018)

This Christmas film revolves around the life of a girl called Abby. She is a photographer whose life, both personally and professionally, is a complete mess. She has a lot of aspirations regarding her art but only ends up taking photos of kids on Santa’s lap during Christmas. Along with her friend Josh, Abby one day visits her parents’ home, where she comes across her elder sister, who is quite successful in life and sort of looks down on our protagonist. It is during this visit of hers that her grandfather hands her an advent calendar. Abby takes it as a gift but realizes soon enough that this calendar can predict the future. The film then turns into an interesting love triangle between Abby, Josh, and another guy she meets in the course of the film. Though ‘The Christmas Calendar’ hardly steps out of the usual cliches of Christmas romantic films, its interesting and quirky characters make for an interesting watch. You can do so here.

26. See You Yesterday (2019)

One of the finest feel-good movies on Netflix, ‘See You Yesterday’ is a great story about an Afro-American teenage girl and her extraordinary genius with which she makes a miniature time machine that looks like a backpack. Eden Duncan-Smith plays the leading character in this film, C.J. Walker, who wants to bring her brother back from death using the time machine. She even successfully manages to travel back in time and prevent death, but further problems arise in her life because she meddled with time in the first place. The most important thing to notice about this film produced by Spike Lee is the fact that it breaks a lot of conventions and presents to us a socially aware story that, besides being full of fun and adventure, is also breaking conventions. It is not often that we get to see black characters being cast as genius scientists or doctors. You can stream the film here.

25. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

A wonderful and sweet Christmas film, ‘Christmas Inheritance’ is the story of a woman called Ellen Langford, who is the daughter of a major business tycoon who owns a prosperous gift business. As he is quite old, Ellen’s father is eager to step down from his position and bring his daughter into the business. However, before Ellen can take on this huge responsibility, her father wants her to prove her worth by traveling to a town called Snow Falls, which is their family’s hometown, and taking along a gift her father sends for his best friend and former partner. With just $100 in her pocket, Ellen sets out on this journey, and this is what helps her learn a lot of things about herself. She also works at an inn when her money runs out, and here comes in contact with a character with whom a romantic relationship brews up. Christmas films always have a feel-good factor about them because these films are generally made to make people get into the holiday instinct, and this Ernie Barbarash directorial seems to be no different. You can watch the movie here.

24. Good Sam (2019)

Tiya Sircar plays the leading role in this Netflix original film, Kate Bradley, who has been assigned to write the most tragic news stories for her publication. One day, Kate comes across a story where a woman has suddenly found $100,000 on her doorstep without any note whatsoever and believes that a Good Samaritan has left it there for her. As Kate covers this story, she realizes that many other people are receiving such money as well, and soon, word spreads around the city about this Good Samaritan. Kate sets out to solve the mystery of this Good Samaritan, and her quest ends up having a huge impact on her personal life. This film’s main attraction is, of course, Sircar’s performance in the leading role. Moreover, some interesting twists and turns in the plot also make this film a rather appealing watch. You may watch it here.

23. Step Sisters (2018)

A wonderful Netflix original film, ‘Step Sisters,’ is the story of a girl called Jamilah, who is one of the most outstanding students in her school, where predominantly non-white people study. Jamilah is a terrific dancer, a brilliant student, and also the president of her sorority. Suddenly, one day, a few white girls come to their school and disrespect the institution and the students who study there. This makes Jamilah want to teach them a lesson by teaching and preparing her school’s dance team for an extremely competitive dance competition where they need to show these girls that they’re equally capable of everything they are. As this rag-tag dance team goes about preparing themselves, several hilarious moments ensue. This is a film about overtaking obstacles and giving your best under any circumstance whatsoever. This inspirational story is going to motivate you to aim higher in life. Feel free to check out the movie here.

22. Like Father (2018)

Kristen Bell is a powerful actress who has been equally successful in films and television. Thus, when she joins the cast of Netflix for a comedy, it is no wonder that the project deserves a watch. This film finds Bell portraying the character of a woman called Rachel, whose workaholic nature has made her miss some of the simpler joys in life. When she gets left at the altar, Rachel decides to go on her honeymoon all alone. Strangely enough, she takes along her estranged father for company. Rachel’s father, too, was a workaholic like her and had left their family to pursue his career. The film follows the two of them as they establish kinship and make us understand the importance of love, life, and family. ‘Like Father’ is the story of reconnecting with people we can call our own and finding common grounds to gel with them. It is a very important film with strong performances. You can watch it here.

21. Unicorn Store (2017)

Written by Samantha McIntyre, produced, directed by, and starring Brie Larson, ‘Unicorn Store’ is a film about an aspiring artist called Kit. She is someone who still holds on to her childhood fantasies and refuses to grow up. However, the problems of life eventually pull her down when she is sent home from her art school. Having no other option, Kit takes up a desk job at an office but is naturally not very pleased with how her life is turning out. At this point, a salesman appears to her and tries to sell her a unicorn, something she has always dreamed of. As someone who still gives in to child-like fantasies, Kit does end up trying to fulfill her dream. It goes without saying that there is a child inside all of us. But we never manage to bring it forward because of the several complexities in life. You may watch ‘Unicorn Store’ here.

20. The Last Laugh (2019)

If you have loved watching the series ‘The Kominsky Method‘, this is also a film that you will enjoy. The story of this film is centered around two old men- one talent manager who has now retired and a comedian who was his very first client when he entered the business. When the two of them meet after a long time, the agent suggests to his former client, someone who retired from the business fifty years ago, to go out on the road again. He wants this to be the last comedy tour he organizes, and thus, his friend has to travel with him across the country, performing at different venues. The two friends then set out on their journey, and this journey of theirs gives rise to interesting situations and moments that the two friends have to deal with in their own unique ways. This film has a very important message- that we have to fall in love with what we do, and if we truly love it from the bottom of our hearts, there is nothing in the world that can stop us from performing at our very best. You can stream the film here.

19. Otherhood (2019)

Angela Bassett, Felicity Huffman, and Patricia Arquette star in this Netflix original film as three mothers who desperately wish to connect with their sons on Mother’s Day and decide to give them a surprise visit. It is quite often that we see mothers dedicating their lives to the welfare of their children, but these children, at times, turn out to be rather ungrateful for the sacrifices their parents have made for them. When these three women in question arrive at their sons’ places, they see their children leading lives of their own without needing assistance from their mothers. This makes the women wonder whether it is only their sons who need to be more understanding or if it is the mothers who have to let their hair down once in a while. The three women then go around town, where they meet different people and come across different situations, and they finally begin to feel alive once again. The performances of the three leading actresses in this film are par excellence. You can stream ‘Otherhood’ here.

18. The Half of It (2020)

Falling in love is easy; confessing it is tough, but what’s tougher is to help your friend woo a person you love. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, that is the case for Ellie Chu, a Chinese-American student, who agrees to help Paul Munsky, a school jock, woo a girl named Aster Flores, whom he likes, by writing love letters to Aster on his behalf. This give-and-take of letters makes Ellie fall for Aster. While this sounds complicated enough, it is only the beginning of a string of complications involving feelings. Nature of love is a primary aspect of the story of ‘The Half of It’ and it shows how sometimes we misunderstand love. To find out what ultimately happens to Ellie and Paul, you can watch the film here.

17. Mixtape (2021)

Directed by Valerie Weiss, this beautiful film shows how middle schooler Beverly Moody finds a mixtape that was made by her now-dead parents named “Love Riot.” When she goes to get it fixed by the local record store owner, the guy tells him that such mixtapes are often massagers by those who created them. Beverly thus decides to hear and explore each song to find what message her parents left for her and, in the process, get to know them better. A story of love, family, and friendship, the film explores life from a perspective that we didn’t know existed. You can “hear” ‘Mixtape’ right here.

16. Falling Inn Love (2019)

A feel-good romantic comedy that can be aptly described as sweet, ‘Falling Inn Love’ will bring a smile to your face. In the center of the plot, we have an independent woman named Gabriela Diaz from San Francisco, who, in the aftermath of a breakup, wins an Inn in New Zealand after taking part in a contest. Troubled with her personal and professional frustrations, she arrives in New Zealand with a smile only to find out that her Inn is in ruins, one that she has to renovate. She reluctantly pairs up with Jake Taylor, a contractor who she thought was trying to act smart with her to get the job done. What follows is how the two get along and grow feelings for each other. All the hustle that is done to give the Inn its proper shape and form does, in a way, represent how the relationship between Gabriela and Jake builds. In both endeavors, there are hard times, and there are fun times, but what’s most important is to care. You can stream ‘Falling Inn Love’ here.

15. Finding ʻOhana (2021)

A family adventure drama, ‘Finding ʻOhana’ is all about realizing and accepting your roots. When young Pili arrives in Oʻahu with her brother Ioane “E” and their mother Leilani to help their father Kimo, who needs medical and financial help, Pili finds herself in a whole new world. But when Pili finds a journal pointing to a lost treasure that will help her father with money and secure the home that he is otherwise going to lose, she decides to find it. What follows is an adventurous journey to find not one but two treasures: the real one that has gold and another one that is the realization of her roots and the culture that’s in her DNA. A family entertainer/feel-good flick, you can stream ‘Finding ʻOhana’ right here.

14. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Christmas films mostly deal with romantic relationships that form during the holiday season. But if a Christmas film deals directly with Father Christmas himself, it goes without saying that the film will be loved by children and adults alike. The Netflix original film ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ provides us with just that. The central characters in this film are two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce, who come up with a plan to capture Santa Claus during Christmas. When Santa comes to their neighborhood, they secretly manage to climb into his sleigh. When Santa notices them, he is startled and crashes the sleigh. Now, the children are worried that if Santa is unable to do his job, Christmas might not come to their town in the first place. Kurt Russell plays the role of Santa in this film, and it must be said that it is a rather interesting shift for the actor who usually does quite serious films. You can check out ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ here.

13. The Princess Switch (2018)

Directed by Mike Rohl this Christmas romantic comedy is a Netflix original film starring Vanessa Hudgens. When the film begins, we follow the story of a baker called Stacy DeNovo, whose boyfriend makes her a participant in a royal cake-baking competition without making her aware of the same. Stacy arrives in Belgravia and starts preparing for the competition. This is where she comes across Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro, and is taken by surprise when she discovers that the two of them look exactly similar. The duchess, on seeing this similarity, asks Stacy if she would be interested in switching lives with her. The duchess always has to live under strict protocol and wants to experience life as a normal human being. The two of them do end up living the other person’s life, but problems ensue when they fall in love with the other person’s lover as well. A hilarious comedy, ‘The Princess Switch’ is a perfect Christmas film that boasts of a strong performance by Hudgens in both the characters. You can watch it here.

12. Orion and the Dark (2024)

Directed by Sean Charmatz, ‘Orion and the Dark’ is an animated feature film based on Emma Yarlett’s children’s book of the same name. It shows a kid’s journey to realize that darkness isn’t something to be scared of and that there’s more to it than just a place from where monsters come. 11-year-old Orion (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) is an anxious kid and is a lot scared by the dark, so much so that his active imagination brings the Dark to him. The sweet entity then, to make Orion understand why darkness is necessary, takes him on an adventure that reveals the role of darkness and his allies Quiet (voiced by Aparna Nancherla), Sleep (voiced by Natasia Demetriou), Sweet Dreams (voiced by Angela Bassett), Insomnia (voiced by Nat Faxon), and Unexplained Noises (voiced by Golda Rosheuvel). Young Orion’s fruitful realizations, underscored by his experiences, make ‘Orion and the Dark’ a must-watch, feel-good movie for people of all ages, especially if your kid(s) is/are afraid of the dark. It is. You can check it out here.

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11. Rescued by Ruby (2022)

Starring Grant Gustin and Bear, a half-border collie, ‘Rescued by Ruby’ is the biographical drama that tells the story of state trooper Daniel O’Neil, who is given the responsibility to train Ruby, a shelter dog, to quality for the K-9 unit team of the state police of Rhode Island. It is his last chance, and he has to make do with Ruby, a half-border collie who isn’t of a traditional training breed; how the two help each other bring out a better version of themselves is what this beautiful film showcases with sincerity. A feel-good flick that is bound to bring tears to your eyes, ‘Rescued by Ruby’ is a must-watch, especially for all the dog lovers out there. You can watch it here.

10. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

Directed by Gary Winick, the movie stars Jennifer Garner as 30-year-old Jenna Rink, who suddenly wakes up to find herself all grown up in 2004, although the previous night she was just a 13-year-old girl in 1987. For reasons Jenna is yet to find out, she is the editor of what has always been her favorite fashion magazine. She did want to be an adult, and that is what she had wished for before going to sleep, but now that she is an adult, she realizes that adulthood is not what she expected. What begins as a lot of fun slowly takes the shape of responsibilities and burdens. Does she have the option to go back to her childhood? There is only one way to find out. You can watch ‘13 Going on 30’ right here.

9. The Holiday (2006)

Starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black, ‘The Holiday’ is a must-watch romantic comedy directed by Nancy Meyers. It follows two women, Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) from Los Angeles and Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) from London, who, after their respective heartbreaks, meet each other on a home swap website and switch houses for the holidays (two weeks to be precise). Both the ladies took the step to come out of their heartbreaks and, fortunately, get a second chance at love. How does that turn out? Well, you can watch the movie here to find out.

8. The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

Starring Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez, and Craig Roberts, this feel-good drama is adapted from Jonathan Evison’s 2012 novel ‘The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving’ and directed by Rob Burnett. It revolves primarily around a training caregiver, Brian (Rudd), who is coping with the death of his son, and his new customer, a cynical 18-year-old son, Trevor (Roberts), whose father left when he was three and diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. When Brian decides to take Trevor on a road trip because he likes roadside attractions, they get an opportunity to bond, although it can be risky as Trevor will be pained when Brian leaves. However, the enriching experiences of the duo during the journey strengthen their bond. While Trevor’s wish comes true, Brian overcomes his guilt. To find out what they are, you can stream the film here. You won’t regret it.

7. Leo (2023)

One of Netflix’s latest animated flicks, ‘Leo’ tells the story of a tuatara named Leo (voiced by Adam Sandler) who, along with his turtle friend Squirtle (voiced by Bill Burr), is a class pet for a bunch of fifth graders at a Fort Myers Elementary School. When he finds out that he is only one year away from being 75, the age at which his species usually dies, he decides to escape. However, what he ends up doing is changing the lives of the students by helping them get over their personal issues in ways that they can understand. Yes, Leo can talk, but no one needs to know that. Through his experience, which has given him wisdom, Leo is loved by everyone. To see how he pulls off this feat, you can stream the movie here.

6. Qarib Qarib Single (2017)

Directed by Tanuja Chandra, this Bollywood rom-com follows two polar opposites, a young widow named Jaya (Parvathy Thiruvothu) and a not-so-famous poet named Yogi (Irrfan Khan), who meet as a result of an online dating platform. Jaya finds Yogi weird, and yet something is charming about him that is inexplicable. A string of humorous events follow, after which the two start seeking Yogi’s ex-girlfriends. This adventure takes them to Dehradun, Jaipur, and Gangtok. The chemistry between the two otherwise lonely souls and the way their unlikely friendship blossoms into a sweet romance make ‘Qarib Qarib Single’ a rare feel-good flick worthy of your binge. You can watch the film here.

5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, this is an Indian Hindi-language film starring Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, and Katrina Kaif. It tells the story of how three best friends meet after a long time during a bachelor trip to Spain. While this serves as the base, the plot incorporates numerous issues and feelings and addresses them in a way that, despite being set against the huge landscape of Spain, feels very intimate and personal. Guilt, misunderstanding, fear, pain, love, happiness, acceptance, letting go; by showing us all this, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ really reminds us that we will not get back this life again and we need to live it to the fullest; which is also the literal translation of the title- you only live once. You can stream the film here.

4. Okja (2017)

A film by Bong Joon-ho is something the world awaits with bated breath, as he has always delivered content that makes us sit up and take notice of the world and people around us. Films like ‘Memories Of Murder,’ ‘Mother,’ and ‘Parasite’ are some of his masterpieces and easily rank among the finest films of this century. ‘Okja’ is his only collaboration with Netflix to date, and while he has stepped into the world of children’s films, there still is a deep underlying message in his film. ‘Okja’ is the story of a little girl called Mija who has been given a special genetically modified pig by a British company to raise. When this pig grows up to a huge size, the company comes back to collect it and take it to London. Mija is heartbroken and will not part with her pet animal at any cost. When she sees there is no other way of keeping Okja with her, Mija decides to travel to London secretly to save her pet. ‘Okja’ is a film that comes across as a serious warning against science trying to meddle with life and influence the natural order of things. You can watch the movie here.

3. Klaus (2019)

Written and directed by Sergio Pablos, ‘Klaus’ is a Spanish Christmas comedy centering around the life of a postman called Jesper. He comes from a rather well-to-do family and is someone who is not interested in taking his profession seriously. Jesper, after being declared the worst student in the postal academy, is posted at a place where the locals are always quarreling with each other and hardly send out letters. As time passes by, Jesper does manage to befriend a school teacher called Aliva and a carpenter called Klaus. Inside Klaus’ home, Jesper sees several handmade toys hanging around, a hint that helps us understand that Klaus is Santa Klaus in hiding. It is this friendship between Klaus, Jesper, and Aliva that brings a new spark of life to this town. Surprisingly, this film is Pablos’s first directorial venture, and here, he has shown his ability to handle humor and keep the audience hooked to the story from beginning to end. You can stream this film here.

2. The Willoughbys (2020)

An animated movie, ‘The Willoughbys’ is the story of four weird yet lovable siblings whom their mom and dad have abandoned. When they are finally able to send the parents on a “deadly” trip that they curated from scratch to get orphaned, they set off on the quest, accompanied by their nanny, to find new parents. However, it won’t be an easy quest as they are being followed by Family Services agents. A vibrant and meaningful film that addresses the true meaning of family, ‘The Willoughbys’ is for all ages. You can watch it right here.

1. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

One of the best-animated feature films that Netflix has ever dropped, ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ pins a father-daughter relationship against a machine uprising, thereby showcasing the strength that the relationship carries. However, a catharsis is incorporated too, as we see young Katie Mitchell, whose love for filmmaking makes for her strained relationship with her father, Rick, who is technophobic and into nature. They do love each other, but their opinions always collide, and conversations end up getting awkward.

Then, while the whole family, which includes Katie, Rick, Katie’s mom Linda, Katie’s younger brother Aaron, and their dog Monchi, is on a road trip to take Katie to the film school she has made it into, it turns chaotic due to a robot uprising. While looking for a way to survive the attack, Katie and Rick address their issues and overcome them in a manner that is apt, authentic, and feel-good. Directed by Michael Rianda, ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ is a beautiful and visually appealing movie that you can stream right here.

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