Thank You Next: Is the Story of the Netflix Show True?

Netflix’s ‘Thank You, Next,’ originally titled ‘Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti,’ is fundamentally a romantic comedy show that revolves around Leyla Taylan, a successful lawyer in her early thirties who is wading through life after ending a long-term relationship. Finding herself thrust back into the dating scene, Leyla grapples with the unfamiliar territory of modern dating, attempting to adapt to its new rules and tactics. With the unwavering support of her friends, Leyla rebuilds herself amidst the challenges, particularly when she faces a high-stakes divorce case.

Approached by Tuba Tepelioğlu, whose high-profile divorce has garnered significant attention, Leyla is thrust into the divorce case of the year. Her adversary is Cem Murathan, a notorious figure known for ending three relationships in the past 15 years. As Leyla navigates the complexities of the case, she confronts a clash between her ideals of love and the perceived reality of relationships she witnesses in her professional life. Despite her doubts, Leyla’s passionate encounters with Cem suggest a different tone. Created by Ece Yörenç, the series touches upon broader themes surrounding modern dating and social dynamics, prompting speculation about whether it is based on real life.

The Realities of Modern Dating Build Thank You Next

‘Thank You, Next’ offers glimpses into the world of modern digital dating through its character, Lelya Taylan. As she ventures through the highs and lows of love, she uncovers different terms that have become commonplace in the dating world. This allows audiences to recognize these phenomena from their own experiences. “Love bombing,” the overwhelming shower of affection, contrasts sharply with “ghosting,” the sudden disappearance of communication, leaving one party unsatisfied. Meanwhile, “benching,” the act of keeping someone on standby while pursuing other options, introduces another hurdle the protagonist must accept. Such reflections showcase the realities of love and relationships as the ever-evolving dynamics of our interconnected world shape them.

In an interview, creator Ece Yörenç expressed her belief that the essence of love and romantic feelings has remained constant throughout history and will persist for generations to come. However, what proves elusive is how individuals interact with and interpret this concept of love across different eras and cultures. Yörenç revealed that she dedicated significant time to engaging with young people and individuals actively dating in the digital age to gain insights into their experiences and perspectives. It was from these conversations that she drew inspiration for developing the series.

In the series, human emotions central to modern love are vividly portrayed, exemplified through Leyla’s journey when her ex, Ömer, resurfaces in her life. Caught between lingering feelings from the past and the allure of potential new connections, Leyla finds herself torn and confused, unsure of which path to follow. This internal conflict resonates deeply with viewers, as many have experienced similar struggles in their own lives. Seeing Leyla struggle with these jarring emotions on screen provides a sense of validation and reassurance that these dilemmas are part of the human experience.

The series excels in portraying rich interpersonal relationships, mainly due to the strong camaraderie established among the cast members from the outset. Serenay Sarikaya, embodying the character of Leyla, noted that despite meeting her co-stars for the first time on the initial day of shooting, there existed an immediate rapport that seamlessly translated onto the screen. This natural connection among the cast enabled them to effortlessly depict the truth of their characters’ relationships, elevating the depth and credibility of the narrative.

Although the series isn’t rooted in any specific true story, credit is due to creator and writer Ece Yörenç for crafting characters imbued with their positive or negative truths. Each character possesses a distinct blend of virtues and flaws, rendering them relatable and deeply entrenched in the realities of our world. This skillful development allows viewers to connect with the characters personally as they mirror the multifaceted nature of human existence.

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