The 100 Filming Location Guide

The 100’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama that follows the story of the people who are sent to Earth to find out what it looks like now for the continuation of humanity. Ninety-seven years ago, a nuclear disaster had wiped out most of the people. The survivors fled and lived in the space station orbiting the Earth. But now, the makeshift home is running out of space, and they need to get their feet back on the ground.

One of the key points about the version of Earth that the show presents is that it strays away from the urbanity of the current world, and lays emphasis on the basic ferality of human nature by posing it with the wildness of nature. With the social structures as we know them out of the picture, the mercurial nature of human behavior is brought to the fore.

In the form of the Grounders, the Reapers, and the Mountain Men- the series presents a complex web of human thought-process and their basic instinct of cruelty and survival. To reflect the same danger in their surroundings, the series relied on a lot of outdoor locations. Here are all the places where it has been filmed.

Where is The 100 Filmed?

‘The 100’ follows the story of 100 juvenile detainees who are sent to a post-apocalyptic Earth to find out if the planet is ready to be habitable again. These young people have to survive the harsh environs of the Earth, which is still recuperating from the nuclear apocalypse that had happened some 100 years ago. ‘The 100’ offers a captivating world to us and presents our planet in a new light. Despite a lot of cultural and scientific differences between our world and that of ‘The 100’, it still looks a lot like ours, though less populated. All these beautiful backdrops for ‘The 100’ can be found in Canada. Vancouver, British Columbia serves as the central filming location for the series.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Throughout seven seasons, ‘The 100’ has extensively employed locations in and around Vancouver. Some scenes have been filmed in the Vancouver Film Studios and Aja Tan Studios. However, the story requires a lot of outdoor locations, throwing the characters into dangerous situations that Earth’s new surroundings impose on them.

Vancouver locals will find a lot of places familiar with the world of ‘The 100’. Seymour Mainline and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve appear in a lot of episodes in the series. The Spur 4 Bridge is also a familiar sight in the show, along with the Spur 7 Beach. The tunnels of the Britannia Mine Museum have appeared in the earlier seasons of ‘The 100’. The lush surroundings of several parks have been used to portray the picture of an uninhabited Earth. These places include Lynn Canyon Park, Twin Falls, Upper Coquitlam River Park, Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area, and Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.

Gibsons Mansion and The Vancouver Club serve as the exterior and interior setting for Alie’s Mansion. The series has also been shot on location at Surrey City Hall, Oceanic Plazza, Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, West Cordova Street, Guinness Tower, Blieberger Farm, Canada Place & Burrard Street.

The Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint has also been used as a critical location in several episodes. Apart from this, the Coal Harbour Seawall, Gillies Quarry, Minaty Bay, and Widgeon Slough North Dock also feature throughout several seasons. The infamous Riverview Hospital also serves as one of the filming locations for the sci-fi series. All the places near the water bodies in ‘The 100’ have been filmed in places like Britannia Beach, Steve Falls Dam, Watts Point Beach, and Lighthouse Beach.

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