The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 10 Recap: The Angel in the Dream

In the tenth episode of ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’ or ‘Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken’ titled ‘The Angel in the Dream,’ Amane finally opens about the circumstances that made him decide to live alone away from his parents. Mahiru listens to his story and offers all the emotional support that he probably needs. Later that night, Amane has a strange dream that makes him feel awkward around Shiina, so he tries to avoid him as much as he can at school.

Mahiru Learns More About Amane

Just like any other ordinary day, Mahiru and Amane are sitting together at the latter’s apartment to discuss mundane life problems. The discussion soon turns toward Amane’s decision to live alone even though he has caring parents. Although he does not usually talk about the circumstances that made him take the unexpected step, this time he does not hide anything. Amane talks about his life in school back when he lived with his parents.

At home, he had a great support system from his parents, who were always there for him all the time. They never left any stone unturned in his upbringing and did their best to give him everything he ever wanted. Unfortunately, the care he received from his parents became his weakness as he grew up to be a naive person who could not see the harsh realities of his life.

Although he did a lot for his friends at school, Amane found out that they were just using him and used to talk badly behind his back. That realization eventually made him leave the comfort of his parent’s house and start a new life away from them. Mahiru is quite angry about how Amane’s friends took advantage of him and offer him all the emotional support that he needs. She even asks him to rub her head and confesses that she likes it when he touches her.

What Kind of Dream Bothers Amane? Why Does He Avoid Mahiru At School?

After Mahiru asks Amane to rub his head, she tells him that she likes getting touched by him. The statement was not made in a sexual manner but that’s how Amane’s brain end up interpreting it. The same night he dreams about Mahiru seducing him in his bedroom. As she leans in for the kiss, Amane wakes up suddenly and realizes that it was all just a meaningless dream. The visions are so vivid that the following day at school, Amane feels uncomfortable. Therefore, he does not act naturally, which Mahiru notices as well.

Later that day, when she confronts him about it, Amane confesses the dream. Instead of getting mad, Mahiru is interestingly curious to learn how she was seducing him. Her questions make Amane uncomfortable and Shiina confesses that she feels that he is probably the most innocent boy she knows. Because the conversation continues to be quite emotionally charged, Amane and Mahiru sit with their backs to each other.

What Does Amane Want From Mahiru?

The following day at school, Mahiru and Amane learn that the midterm examinations are going to be held soon. Since most students are unprepared, they get really concerned about their marks. Mahiru invites Chitose and Itsuki to Amane’s apartment to help them study for the exams. Chitose is thrilled by the fact that Mahiru has her back and is always there to offer all kinds of help.

Meanwhile, Itsuki is quite confident and carefree like always. The couple arrives at Amane’s apartment just as they had planned and studied for a while. Later that evening, when Amane and Mahiru are alone they have a brief discussion about the exams. Since the former is working so hard, Mahiru feels that she could give him a bit of motivation.

Shiina tells Amane that if he does well in exams, she is willing to fulfill any one of his wishes. Initially, Amane is reluctant to say anything, but he eventually reveals that he wants to sleep on Shiina’s lap. Mahiru does not mind at all and even goes as far as telling Amane that she will spoil him rotten.

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