The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 8 Recap: The Angel in the New Term

In the eighth episode of ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’ or ‘Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken’ titled ‘The Angel in the New Term,’ Amane meets his new classmates as the new academic sessions start followed by the shuffling of the students from different classes. Since Fujimiya does not want others to start rumors about him and Mahiru, he tells her that the two of them will not talk to each other publicly. While Amane is comfortable with the decision, the angel feels left out.

Mahiru and Fujimiya Decide to Not Talk Publicly

As the new term starts, the students of different classes get shuffled and Mahiru ends up in Amane’s class. While both of them are happy with the outcome, they naturally cannot afford to show their excitement publicly. Later that day at Amane’s apartment, Mahiru tells his neighbor that she feels like stroking his hair. Amane does not really mind it and on Mahiru’s request, he even sits in her lap. When Mahiru asks him about ending up in the same class, Fujimiya reveals that he did not expect that this would happen.

Both of them seem genuinely happy with the outcome. But then Amane opens up about one of his concerns. Since Mahiru is really popular in school and very few people know Amane, he does not want both of them to get noticed together. He feels that this would simply fuel unwanted speculations and rumors, which both of them should avoid at this point. Despite her reservations, Mahiru eventually accepts the decision.

The following day after school, Amane goes to the arcade and ends up winning a lot of stuffed toys. He returns to his apartment very hungry and gives everything that he has won to Mahiru. She absolutely loves the unexpected present and unknowingly ends up showing her childish nature in front of Amane, who can’t help but smirk at her. Mahiru notices it and throws a tantrum. Then she opens up about her desire to do something for him since he has been looking after her despite seeing her vulnerable side.

While Amane could have asked for anything from Mahiru, he just requests her to make pudding with eggs. Mahiru feels that he has deliberately chosen a cheap gift but Fujimiya argues that he truly values her cooking and for him, it would mean a lot if she would cook for her. So just as he had requested, Mahiru cooks a delicious pudding just for Amane. Fujimiya is quite pleased after eating it and thanks Mahiru for everything thing she does for him.

Why Does Mahiru Feel Jealous of Kadowaki?

Since Amane has told Mahiru that they have to be extremely cautious about their interactions at school in order to avoid any rumors, the duo ignore each other’s existence. While Fujimiya is comfortable with the decision, Mahiru does not really like it. One ordinary day, Kadowaki approaches Amane and Itsuki to ask for their permission to have lunch with them. He opens up about his desire to be friends with Amane in particular.

This should not come as a surprise since Amane was the only person in the class who offered to help Kadowaki on Valentine’s day. It appears that his actions have left a long-lasting impression on Kadowaki, so he naturally wants to be friends with Fujimiya. Amane is quick to inquire Kadowaki if he is certain that he wants to be friends with him considering that he stands to gain nothing from their relationship.

Kadowaki is quite clear in his mind and claims that friendships are not about personal interests or profits. Later that day when Amane is at his apartment, Mahiru appears to be in a bad mood. She later reveals that she overheard his conversation with Kadowaki and was quite irritated by the fact that he like others in the class can approach and talk to Amane. However, because of the decision that Fujimiya has made, Mahiru cannot talk to her. This is why she appears to feel jealous of Kadowaki and also confesses to feeling left out.

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