The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 7 Recap: A Promise with the Angel

In the seventh episode of ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’ or ‘Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken’ titled ‘A Promise with the Angel,’ Itsuki spends a few days at Amane’s apartment after fighting with his father. This gives Chitose just the right excuse to spend time with Mahiru and the two get to know each other more. When Amane and Mahiru later get some time for themselves, the latter shares some of her deepest and darkest secrets, which changes how the former looks at his neighbor.

Itsuki and Amane Stay Together

At the school, Itsuki approaches Amane and asks him to let him stay at his apartment. It turns out that he had a fight with his father over Chitose and now does not wish to go back home for now. Since it’s the spring holiday from tomorrow onwards, Amane does not really have an objection but he still asks Mahiru for her permission. Later when Itsuki starts living at Amane’s apartment, he personally thanks Mahiru. He notices how Amane looks at her neighbor and confronts him later that night. He argues that the way he looks at her, immediately gives away that he likes her.

Naturally, Amane never really openly talks about how he thinks of Mahiru since he does not want to compromise the bond they have formed so far. Chitose also visits Amane’s apartment and reveals that she will be staying over at Mahiru’s place. The four of them get to know a little more in the next few days. When Itsuki has returned to his house, Amane notices a woman visiting Mahiru’s apartment. It turns out that she is her mother, which was quite shocking since Amane has overheard her say some cruel things.

Mahiru had been keeping it a secret from everyone but that night she ends up revealing that her parents married because of shared interests and their relationship was never really romantic. She then explains that she was just a mistake for them and they never really accepted her as their daughter. Despite doing well in every single way imaginable, Amane could never earn their love. In fact, their parents are just looking forward to her graduation, so that they can finally cut all ties with her once and for all.

What Favor Does Mahiru Ask of Amane?

After Mahiru shares her family problems with Amane, she then asks him for a favor. She wants him to look after her from now on. Since he is the only person who lives close to her and they spend a lot of time together, this seems like a reasonable request. Now that Amane knows what she has been through over the years, he can empathize with her pain. Meanwhile, Mahiru cannot hold back anymore and starts crying. As she asks Amane to keep everything a secret, she leans on his chest to feel comforted.

Amane does not stop her and they end up sharing some romantic moments. Mahiru then also mentions the fact that people who love the perfect version of her do not really know the true her. Amane reassures her in every possible manner that her secrets are safe with him, which eventually appears to help Mahiru.

Why Does Mahiru Hate the Spring Season?

When Mahiru and Amane go out for a walk, they talk about the start of the new academic year. The former is excited about the fact that they may change classes soon and she will end up with Chitose who has become a friend in recent times. When Amane walks ahead of Mahiru, she decides to hug him from behind and then thanks him for her everything that he has done for her. While Amane feels that it is nothing special, Mahiru argues that she values his support and the fact that he has helped her endure unsurmountable hardships.

As they walk with each other, Amane notices cherry blossoms. That’s when Mahiru explains that she does not like the Spring season. It reminds her of the entrance and graduation ceremonies at the school, which in turn makes her recall how lonely she has always been during this time of the year. Amane feels bad for Mahiru and reminds her that she can count on him from now on, which is exactly what she needed.

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