The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 6 Recap: A Gift from the Angel

In the sixth episode of ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’ or ‘Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken’ titled ‘A Gift from the Angel,’ Chitose visits Amane’s apartment and teases him about Valentine’s day plan in Mahiru’s presence. On February 14th, Mahiru gifts Amane Orangettes because he does not like sweet food. A month later on White Day, Amane plans to purchase a present for her neighbor so that he can return the favor.

Chitose Teases Mahiru and Amane

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up when Chitose visits Amane’s apartment, she indirectly enquires about his plan for the day right in front of Mahiru. She is surprised that Amane is more concerned about exams than celebrating the day of love. When she argues that it’s strange that he hasn’t made a move on Mahiru, Amane makes the excuse that they are not in that kind of relationship. However, he does want to be close to Mahiru but fears that she may not want the same.

On Valentine’s Day, girls in Amane’s class, overwhelmingly buy chocolates for Kadowaki. Meanwhile, Itsuki talks to Amane about Kadowaki’s popularity. He then informs his friend that Chitose has made him chocolates with habanero, wasabi, and pepper. When Amane is asked if he would buy something for Mahiru, he reveals that he is quite unsure about it as of now. Later that evening, Mahiru makes hot chocolate for Amane.

When she is asked if she did it because of Valentine’s Day, Mahiru nods without making eye contact with Amane. She seems really embarrassed for some reason and hides her face behind a pillow. When Amane asks what’s wrong, she just runs back to her apartment without an explanation. It turns out that she has bought Orangettes for Amane as Valentine’s Day present, which is why she has been acting strangely.

What Gift Does Amane Buy For Mahiru on White Day?

Since Mahiru has been so thoughtful of Amane on Valentine’s Day, he plans to buy something for her too a month later on White Day. He visits a shop and tells the saleslady that he wants to purchase a present for a girl who is just a friend. The saleslady is kind enough to explain to him the kind of gifts girls are interested in these days. The following evening, he dresses up for the White Day and meets Mahiru, who seems to be quite impressed by his looks.

When Amane hands over the gift to Mahiru, she asks for his permission to open it in front of him. She seems pleased when she learns that Amane has bought her a bracelet. Then she opens another envelope to find an anything-you-want coupon inside. Amane explains that he gave her that just in case she did not like the bracelet. However, Mahiru really likes the gift and even lets Amane help her wear it. When she finally shows it off on his wrist, Amane could not help but notice how beautiful she is.

The following day, Amane returns home after having fries with Itsuki at a fast food restaurant. When Mahiru shows concern that he may not eat the dinner she cooked for him, Amane proudly claims that he will everything. Mahiru is surprised that he does not worry about getting fat and the conversation soon turns toward her body. Amane grabs her wrist to make the case that she is extremely thin but then realizes that she might not like getting touched by him.

Interestingly, Mahiru claims that she does not mind if he touches her. But Amane has noticed that she is not wearing the bracelet that he bought for her. It turns out that Mahiru really treasures that gift along with the teddy bear he has bought for her. That’s why she does not want to wear it all the time to make sure that it remains with her for as long as possible.

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