The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 4 Recap: The Angel in the Christmas

In the fourth episode of ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’ or ‘Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken’ titled ‘The Angel in the Christmas,’ Chitose and Itsuki talk to Mahiru and Amane to understand the dynamics of their relationship. After the couple is gone, Mahiru and Amane share Christmas day with each other. But the following day, Amane is shocked to find that her neighbor is unwell.

Mahiru and Amane Spend Christmas Together

After finding Mahiru standing on the balcony next to Amane’s apartment, Chitose and Itsuki naturally manage to connect the dots and figure out that she is the mysterious girl that their friend has been talking about all this time. Later that day, they invite Mahiru to Amane’s apartment and the four of them have a discussion. Itsuki and Chitose find out that Mahiru has been looking out for their friend by cooking him delicious and healthy meals ever since he helped her one day.

Interestingly, they also learn that Amane bought the gifts for Mahiru and the fact that she is his mysterious neighbor. However, Mahiru is quick to clarify that Amane is not interested in her romantically and the two of them are just friends. Chitose uses this opportunity to become friends with Mahiru so that the four of them can continue to spend time together. After they are gone, Amane and Mahiru spend Christmas day with each other the following day. Interestingly, the latter cooks beef stew for her neighbor.

When Amane finally tastes the food, he is completely blown away and praises Mahiru’s cooking. Interestingly, she has learned cooking from someone who used to take care of her but feels that she is nowhere near as good as a cook. But Amane disagrees and argues that her dishes give him happiness. The day after that, the duo have lunch together and play video games after that. While teaching her how to play, Amane gets too close to Mahiru and the duo is embarrassed momentarily. However, they make excuses to distract each other and manage to ensure that the situation does not become even more uncomfortable.

How Does Amane Take Care of Mahiru After She Falls Ill?

The day after the Christmas celebration when Mahiru visits Amane’s apartment, he notices that she is blushing heavily which makes him wonder if she has a fever. Although Mahiru argues that she is fine, Amane pushes her to prove that with a thermometer. After checking her body temperature, she lies that it’s just a little above the normal range but Amane manages to find out that she has a high fever. Since it’s a winter holiday, he tells her to back to her apartment and have some rest. But it’s evident from Mahiru’s expression that she is adamant and does not want to sleep.

Therefore, Amane picks her up in his arms and tells her that he is taking her back to her apartment. Mahiru argues that it is inappropriate to enter a girl’s room like that, so he tells her that she can lie down in his room. However, Mahiru does not like that idea as well. Since Amane is adamant that she has to rest at any cost, he gives her two options. She can voluntarily go back to her apartment and sleep in her room, or she can just lie down in his room for now. Mahiru prefers to be in Amane’s room, so the latter takes her there and gives her all the medicines that she needs.

Once he has ensured that she is ready to sleep for now, Amane puts Mahiru into his bed. But he is not done yet, when he feels that Mahiru does not want him to leave her alone, he decides to hold her hand until she falls asleep. When she later wakes up, Amane gives her something to eat and continues to talk to her so that she may feel better. That’s when he learns that Mahiru has led quite a lonely life and Amane sticking with her as she recovers apparently means a lot to the angel.

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