The Big Door Prize Episode 6 Recap: Beau

The Apple TV+ series ‘The Big Door Prize’ is one of those rare shows where humor and pathos are in rare harmony. The story is set in the town of Deerfield, where the people are surprised by the sudden appearance of the Morpho machine. In exchange for two dollars, social security numbers, and fingerprints, the Morpho machine divulges a person’s life potential. Soon, life as the townsfolk know it comes to a standstill in Deerfield.

Episode 6 focuses on Beau (Aaron Roman Weiner) as he tries to find out who Trina (Djouliet Amara) cheated on Kolton with. Meanwhile, following the resignation of Coach Eagleson, Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) is made coach of the school’s basketball team, and Cass decides to hold a gala fundraiser for young people with positive potential, not knowing what life potential her daughter received from the Morpho machine. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Big Door Prize’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Big Door Prize Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Beau quitting his job as a Zamboni driver at the local ice hockey rink, feeling disrespected. Since Beau has received the life potential card saying “Sheriff,” it seems to have given him a way to deal with his grief of losing his son. As one of Jacob (Sammy Fourlas) and Kolton’s classmates later observes, Beau is clearly unwell and poorly dealing with his grief.

Jacob wakes up to discover that his father has turned the garage into a salon, evidently focusing more on the Wild West aspect of his Morpho card than law enforcement. Meanwhile, after Eagleton’s resignation following the revelation about his infidelity, the Principal has asked Dusty to take over, and he can’t be happier about it, seeing it as a chance to inspire students not just inside the classroom but beyond it. However, once he shows up at the gym, he discovers that the Principal has asked Giorgio (Josh Segarra) to help him, and he has brought Beau along. The excuse is that while Dusty never made it beyond the benches, Giorgio and Beau played for the school, even though their record is quite abysmal.

The entire thing soon proves to be a disaster. Dusty, the only person with teaching experience, loses control of the situation. Giorgio tries to relive the glory days of high school by asserting himself as the coach, proudly speaking about when he and his team had their best season. Although they still lost more matches than they won, that matters little for someone like Giorgio, who has based his entire life on his experiences as a teenager.

As for Beau, to divert the attention from himself, Jacob points his father toward the basketball team in his search for the person with whom Trina cheated on Kolton. Beau brings the team to his recently-built salon and, because of the speculations by one of the teenagers, zeroes in on another boy, terrifying the latter. Elsewhere, convinced by Nat’s encouragement, Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) decides to organize a gala for the young people who have received a positive Morpho card, not realizing that her daughter’s card says “Liar” on it.

The Big Door Prize Episode 6 Ending: Do Jacob and Trina Break Up?

It turns out that we were right when we speculated that the person Trina cheated on Kolton with was none other than Jacob, with whom she is still in a secret relationship when the series begins. However, both of them have started to feel the constraints of the secrecy they have been forced to maintain. It is quite clear that their feelings for each other are genuine, but they can’t act upon them in public because of the baggage their relationship entails. And their problems have only been accentuated by the Morpho cards they have received. Trina feels that she is living a lie, while Jacob doesn’t feel anything like a hero. In this episode, when Savannah, Nat’s daughter, expresses her interest in Jacob, Trina basically tells her to go ahead and later visits Jacob to admit that she believes he will be better off if he is with some other girl.

However, something amazing happens at this moment. As they both confront their demons, Trina embraces certain truths in her life, while Jacob becomes a hero for Trina by giving her a blank Morpho card, reminding her that it is for her to decide what her life potential is. There are implications that Jacob and Trina have broken up, especially when the former admits the truth to his father, and they reconcile, but it seems unlikely that this end is permanent. Trina’s card says liar, probably not because of her actions, but because she continues to lie to herself. Once she overcomes that and Jacob realizes that even though he and Trina got together under dubious circumstances, they are a wonderful match, there might be a possibility of reconciliation.

Why Does Giorgio Wear a Wig?

One of the final scenes in this episode depicts Giorgio in a bathtub. He removes his wig and puts it on a bust before sinking into the water. Giorgio is a type of character traditionally seen in the background of romantic comedies. They were high school jocks — popular and at the top of the social order. But life hasn’t been the same since they graduated, and now they spend every waking moment reminding others who they were in high school.

Giorgio is very much that person. He is still in love with Cass and seems to feel almost no discomfort exhibiting it in front of Dusty. However, ‘The Big Door Prize’ allows him to keep his humanity, making him ultimately a tragic character. He wears the wig to desperately hold on to the past, even though he knows it is futile.

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