The Boys Season 2 Episode 3 Ending, Explained

With its third episode, ‘The Boys’ gets bloodier and more shocking. It tests the resolve of all of its characters by throwing them into a state of calamity. The episode not only features a great action sequence in the second half but also gives some very unexpected and surprising moments that remind you why this show appeals to the audience so much. It leaves the fans on an uncertain note and the ending gives the sign of a war brewing in the distance. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Boys Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Butcher and the Boys are on their way to deliver Kimiko’s brother, Kenji, to the CIA, while Homelander spends time with Ryan, trying to trigger his superpowers. He throws him off a roof, but Ryan doesn’t get hurt. When Becca tells him to leave and he threatens her, Ryan uses his strength to push away Homelander. However, the boy also becomes resentful of his father and tells him to leave them alone.

When Homelander goes back to Vought, he discovers that the secret about Compound V has come out into the open. Deep realizes that he didn’t have to live with the shame about his body all his life. We find Black Noir crying too. A-Train confronts Starlight about her actions, but she says that he is implicated in it as well. We also discover that A-Train has not completely recovered from his injuries, and this creates problems with his superpowers. Maeve talks with Elena, who says that this screw up of Vought might be their chance to run away together.

While the rest of the company keeps the score of their dropping market value, Edgar decides to send The Seven on the mission to catch Kimiko’s brother, who has now been tagged as a supervillain. At the boat, Hugh deals with a sense of aimlessness and falls into a depressive state. Frenchie overhears Butcher saying that if Kimiko tries to stop him from giving up her brother, he will eliminate her. The news about Compound V excites everyone, but Butcher remains unimpressed. Kenji tries to find a way out of his captivity and just when he does so, things take a deadly turn for everyone on the boat.

The Ending

As Mallory had predicted, a lot of things go wrong in Butcher’s plan to deliver Kimiko’s brother to the CIA. First, they are chased by the NYPD for stealing the boat, and then Deep appears out of nowhere, with a bunch of dolphins and a whale to stop them. In what is perhaps the most “what the hell did I just see” moment of ‘The Boys’, Butcher crashes the boat into the whale. As Deep mourns the death of Lucy the Whale, Butcher, and the others run away. Hugh becomes more and more dejected with each step, and MM worries that he might not make it to the end.

The problem increases when The Seven arrive on the scene. Starlight finds Hugh, but before he can say something to her, she attacks him. She knew that Homelander had been watching them and she didn’t want to give away their secret. Homelander recognizes Hugh and he tells Starlight to kill him, threatening to kill both of them if she doesn’t do it. To save Hugh, Butcher allows Kimiko’s brother to use his powers and temporarily neutralize Homelander.

However, taking advantage of the situation, the newfound Supe runs away and Kimiko runs after him. They are found by Stormfront who shows her true form while trying to stop them. Though she might talk high and mighty in her interviews and make it look like she is above Vought’s policies of publicizing everything, she is just another superpowered psycho, hungry for power. Her actions lead to the death of several civilians and considerable destruction of property. In the end, she catches Kimiko’s brother, and brutally kills him. This act of hers creates a divide between her and Homelander, who had told everyone that the Super-Villain would be his to kill. Stormfront defying his direct orders and stealing his limelight doesn’t sit well with him and this brewing dissent will only make things worse for The Seven.

The aftermath of this incident provides Vought another opportunity to come clean out of the mess. Edgar denies all knowledge of Compound V and blames it on Stillwell. Stormfront enjoys the media attention that Homelander feels she has cheated away from him. Starlight feels like her actions had been in vain and that despite taking so much risk and undertaking the impossible, she couldn’t do any lasting damage to Vought. She couldn’t change anything. Following their biting defeat at the hands of The Seven, the Boys sit down to take it all in. Hugh feels grateful to Butcher for saving his life, and it looks like the problems between them are thawing away. Kimiko is angered by the death of her brother and she sets her eyes on Stormfront, making it clear that they are all going to war from here on.

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